Tall Girl Seeks Bras To Fight Underarm Fat -- Your Suggestions Needed!

bra high under the armpit

I got this in the mail recently:

    "I'm tall-ish and have relatively low boobs (I think), so underwiring never reaches up very high compared to a lot of online pictures I see demonstrating correctly fitted bras. I don't have a lot of migrated tissue, but I think there is a little bit and it's higher than the underwiring on standard bras reach. Do you know of any solutions to this or perhaps of brands that have high underwiring?"

     I suggested that Marion look for plunge bras as they tend to go up high under the armpit, as well as try out the tips in the post on bras to fight armpit rolls. But I'm sure that many of you could suggest bra models that would deal with migrated breast tissue in girls that are tall / long in the ribcage?
     So, please share your advice with Marion: which bras in your experience go up really high under the armpit?

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