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Answering some FAQs and generally raving about my favourite bra brand

Ewa Michalak bras PL Garden

    Ewa Michalak bras is my favourite bra brand ever. 28(60) bands? Check. Cups up to K? Check. Quality fabric and great construction? Check. Pretty? Very. And all this for 25-28€? check!!!

     I really wanted to do an interview with Ewa, but this is unfortunately not happening (sorry guys). I have seen many many questions floating around English-language bra forums, so I decided to answer some of them myself (see FAQ lower down).

    Ewa Michalak randomly found the Lobby Biusciastych website (the one that champions correct bra sizes) and finally found her real size after being a lingerie designer for 15 years ("I almost dropped dead”, she says about seeing her "new" bra size). She started hanging out on the Lobby and playing with constructing bras, and opened an impromptu bra shop. (Here is the pretty interesting story of it all). I guess this is why her bras are so good: she is closely connected with the bra fitting community and takes their feedback seriously. Also, she is the designer and the constructor of her bras, which gives her an edge over brands where two different persons take care of these tasks.

Ewa Michalak Strapless Toffi

    I have several Ewa Michalak bras (Chilli, Toffik Strapless, Onyx and Red Bikini) and my friends are starting to get addicted to them as well (just last week me and a bestie were trying on two packagefulls of EM bras late into the night while her guy was trying hard not to doze off).

Why I love Ewa Michalak bras:

* Huge size range. The biggest in the world, actually. They make smaller bands and bigger cups on request, though these are non-returnable.
* Cups are constructed differently for small sizes and big sizes (a very common mistake that other manufacturers make is thinking that simply scaling a small cup to a bigger size works). Bigger cups are made of more pieces --- this makes them more rounded.
* Comfort and support!
* Cup inserts for asymmetry come in different sizes. You might think "duh"  till you realise that stores often sell just on size of inserts, which might fit a 75D but get lost in a 75G.
* They listen to their customers, asking them for opinions and feedback.
* Models present different bra sizes: from 70AA to 70HH -- it's refreshing to see a variety of bust sizes and body types. Also, all of them look adorable.
* Models are not digitally altered, and show a wide spectrum of body types.
* Underwire length: none of EM bras has long underwires that poke into the armpit.
* Quality fabric: lots of cotton, the fabrics are comfortable, and the padded bras have very thin padding.
* Their stylish nudes are not your grandma's beige bras. I love the toasted Toffik and the subtly shimmery Perelka.
* Really, but really supportive strapless bras, even in bigger cups.
* Inexpensive bras, even the international postage is very reasonable.

The not-so-good:

* Many bra models available for only one season. A pity!
* Only two swimsuit options per season so far.
* Shipping is quick, returns can take a while.
* Bands below 65(30) are custom made and thus non-returnable. Another blogger suggested first buying 65s to try them on, and then exchanging the ones that fit best for 60s.
* Some of the designs are misses, in my opinion. Also, some of the makeup and stylisation could be better.

    I think most of the negatives stem from the fact that Ewa Michalak is still a small business, and relatively new. Anyway, I forgive this brand all their sins, because I think that their bras are some of the best around.

What I'd love to see in the future:

* More swimsuits, including one-pieces.
* A couple of drop-dead sexy and glamorous designs.
* I would love it if every bra was modelled by a small-busted as well as a bigger-busted lady. It's really hard to gauge what a 65D would look like from a 70HH model.
* Soft bras in other cuts than HM, since the top part of the cup sticks away from my tear-shape breasts.

Ewa Michalak bras HM Gold


Do Ewa Michalak bras have their own sizing system ?
   Kinda. Actually their bands are snug, so you can wear a band size that is close to your underbust measurement, instead of going down a band size. With my 67 cm underbust I wear a 60(28) band is most brands, in EM I wear a 65(30).

Why the weird measuring method (bent at the waist with breasts hanging down)
    In my personal experience this way of measuring is usually more accurate. It is easier to get the real size of drooping breasts in this position. Also, migrated breast tissue rolls also temporarily rejoin the breasts in this position.

Why aren't the bands as tight as expected?
    The producers state on their blog that their bands are made in a way to be stable, and so they don't need to be tight. Badly made flimsly bands have to be very tight to be supportive.

How are the cup sizes and underwires?
      Cup sizes are very standard and (from what I know). Underwires are medium width.

What is CH, HP and PL ?
   These are the names of the basic cuts. The great thing about this is that if you have tried on one HP bra and it fits like a dream, chances all that all other HP models will fit you well as they share the same construction. This system cuts down on a lot of guesswork.
  CH are bras made out of four vertical pieces, named after the Chaber bra which was the first of them. HP = half padded (as in lightly padded), HM = half soft, PL = plunge. CH gather the breasts to the front and lift them, while HP keep them closer to the chest while giving them a round shape.

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     Have you ordered EM bras? How yo you like them? Which are your favourites?

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am, however, open to being bribed with bras in the future. 

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