Easy Craft Tutorial: Little Fluffy Bunny

   Hey everyone, I'm really busy so please forgive the lack of a new post. I did dig through my archives and found this darling craft just in time for Easter!

    This is a cute craft I learned from my daughter´s kinder-garden teacher. They had a whole table covered with these darling fluffy rabbits, and I couldn´t resist asking if they would teach me to make them! They are pretty easy to make, and are the perfect decoration for eater / spring: adorable yet not too cutesey.

    You need a bunch of wool. It´s called Vlieswolle or Märchenwolle in German, I think they call it wool tops or roving in English. Waldorf schools always make their beautiful needle felted faeries from this. You can use felting wool, it's very similar.

Take a bit of wool:

Waldorf wool easter rabit tutorial

Now try to form a piece that is slightly thinner on the top. Strands of the wool can be separated and added back into the original bunch (pull off, add back and smooth), like this:

Done! Notice how it's lightly thinner on the left:

Make a knot, this will be the head:

Pull the knot tighter, pulling the end backwards. The knot will be the head, try to make it slightly pointed in the front. Separate the top tuft into two ears:

Now, pull on the neck part so that it is skinnier (as if you were trying to pull off the head).

Then, hold the wool like this:

And twist around the two fingers:

Waldorf easy easter rabit tutorial

Wrap over the back and tuck the end in at the bottom. This takes a bit of practice in the beginning:

Tucking the end in at the bottom. This is the view from the back:
(If the end is not long enough to tuck in, unwrap what you did just now and pull on the wool tuft so that the neck is even skinnier.)
Waldorf natural easter rabit tutorial

Now, you can tweak and shape the bunny. Pull the head towards the back, making the chest fuller.
Do you want a sitting bunny, or a lying one ?

Waldorf natural easter rabit tutorial

Ta-daa !

   These bunnies look adorable in groups. Kids also love making them, even if they don´t usually follow the instructions and get creative on their own.

     Happy Easter !

PS: I'd be grateful for links to your favourite easy and non-kitschy spring crafts! Do share them in the comment section.


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