Try It Out: Hair Screws

  Today's post will be about a very underappreciated hair accessory: the hair screw, sometimes called the scroo. I don't remember where I found the video that made my try them out, but I'm so glad I did!

All about hair screws

     The hair screws are very easy to use and give a surprisingly strong hold. Basically you just twist them into place, making sure you go through all of the layers of the hair. To get them out you twist in the other direction, and no, they don't get entangled in the hair at all. You can use the hair screws to secure buns, twists and even ponytails (wrap a strand of hair around the tail and screw it into place). I really love using the hair screws for making a messy bun, since I could never make one stay up just with bobby pins (and the kind secured with elastic look terrible). I don't even use an elastic, although this gal does (skip to 4:50 to see the hair screws in action)

    Before hair screws I couldn't figure out how to make hairdos like the French Twist stay in place. Seriously, I hate bobby pins: they don't do a good job of holding up my heavy hair, and if they do then it's a pain to take them out again. Besides, they don't look good, especially en masse. The hair screws solved all these problems: two of them are enough to hold up a French Twist on my head, and they are practically invisible.

    Another thing I love about the hair screws: they are small and fit into my purse, in case that I need to put up my hair when I'm out and about. They are very versatile and easier to carry around than a bunch of bobby pins.

     I bought my hair screws in a supermarket for a couple of euros. Unfortunately the paint is starting to chip off, which creates rough spots that scratch the hair. So next time I'll look for ones that aren't painted, just naked metal. Or maybe I'll stop dropping them all the time.

     The hair screws will probably have a permanent place in my life. I think every woman with longer hair should try out the hair screws. If you can't find them in your town, you can make your own hair screws, it's very easy! Tip: get or make ones that are close to your hair colour, unless you want to make a statement!

     What are your favourite hair accessories? Ever tried the hair screws? What is the secret of using bobby pins?

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