Sport Bras: Freya Active vs Shock Absorber Aka Support From Above

freya active vs shock absorber

   I have been testing out the Freya Active and the Shock Absorber B102. Both have a firm band and well-fitting cups that don't allow the breast to bounce down. But only the Freya Active prevents the breasts from bouncing up, thanks to the firm band on the top of the cups, that almost presses into the chest. The band above the cup is stretchy in the Shock Absorber, this means that there is nothing to stop the breasts from bouncing as high as they want. (I tested the bras by jumping in front of a mirror. The difference was really noticeable!)
   When shopping for a sports bra, always check whether the top of the cup is stretchy ! 

   The Freya Active also has a less stretchy band, actually it has a less stretchy everything. In the looks department, the Shock Absorber is way prettier than the Freya. Obviously this particular model of Shock Absorber is still ok if you are doing Pilates or Yoga, but I wouldn't recommend it for running or volleyball.

    Obviously there are many models of the Shock Absorber out there, any many are much more supportive than the one I reviewed here. My main point here is obviously the support from the top, which in my opinion makes such a huge difference between these two sports bras.

     You might want to read the Freya Active review, and my Sports Bra Recommendations. Other than that, I am excited about the new Panache Sport, it comes from band size 28 and goes up to a H cup, and looks quite pretty! Has anyone tried it?

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