Do You Wear More Makeup When You're Feeling Down?

Uschi Obermeyer, my icon when it comes to messy, disheveled glamour

     I noticed that during the most happiest times of my life, I barely wore any makeup at all. I was pretty much convinced that a swipe of kohl was all that I needed to be stunning. Ok, I didn't really think that, but I didn't need more to feel beautiful. I tend to focus much more on cosmetics when I'm either down or restless.
    On days where I'm down and wallowing in self-pity, I will sometimes do my nails to cheer myself up. On days that I get restless and dissatisfied, I often decide to "fix" my skin or nails, probably because it's the easiest and least challenging step on the way to becoming that confident, interesting and awesome person I want to be. I spend time to research the next amazing beauty trick that will solve all my woes, and I obsess about finding the "right" colours and shades, even though I might already own several pretty ones.

      Of course, in the parts of my life when I feel on top of the world, I'm too busy being happy and doing nice stuff to worry too much about the "flaws" my appearance; whereas on miserable days I look at myself critically and my appearance seems like the easiest thing to fix (also, I feel it's my duty to the world to appear halfway human, even though I feel like a wrung-out sponge).

     But I also instinctively feel that when I'm feeling great, I radiate happiness --  which makes every human beautiful. And I recognise it on other people too --- they make everything they do and wear look great.

    I do have a streamlined beauty regime that I more or less follow irregardless of my moods -- but it's focused on skin and hair care. Makeup is not a must-wear for me, indeed most of my life I have worn very little, so it is often dependant on my emotions. That is not to say that if you see me wear lip gloss I'm depressed --- I might be happy and enjoying said lip gloss. In this scenario I swipe it on and smile at my mirror, feeling stunning.

   I'd love to know about your take on cosmetics and happiness --- do you tend to obsess over your hair and skin when you want more control over your life? Or is beauty care separate from your emotional life? Do you reward yourself with products? Do share! 

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