Breast Care During Weight Loss

Breast Care During Weight Loss

    So you're losing weight (or planning to) and you are worried about your breasts? It's hard to predict exactly how many cup sizes you will lose and how your breasts will look after you have lost weight. Some girls lose fast from the breasts right at the beginning of weight loss, some at the very end -- this varies from person to person.
   It's important to make sure the skin on the breasts stays supple, so that it shrinks together with the breasts and stays taut. Here are some tips for preventing damage:

* ALWAYS wear a correctly fitting bra during weight loss. Depending on how fast you are losing weigth, you may need to own one or more well-fitting bras at a time. Do measure yourself regularly! If you have a bra that is just slightly too big, you can "cheat" by wearing it on the tightest hook and tightening the straps --- this is however only an emergency solution. 
* Sleeping in a bra is also very important during weight loss. Your breasts need all the support they can get. 
* Do moisturise your breast skin with an oil or cream. Avoid the nipples. If you don't want to loose too much breast fat, don't use creams with coffeine, which burns fat. 
* Massage the breasts slightly while applying moisturiser, this keeps the skin taut. Use circular and upward movements. 
* A good diet makes the skin more elastic. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds to give your skin all the nutrients it needs! If a strict dies is your thing, look for one that allows you to get plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein. 
* Cold showers or compresses are great for keeping the skin taut. Hot water is bad for the skin.
* If you are exercising, wear a good sports bra, and get a new one if your cup size drops. 

   If I could sum up the advice it would be: I know that buying new bras as your size changes is a bummer, but it's really worth it. When it comes to breasts, prevention of breast damage is way cheaper and easier than the cure.

   I'm curious: what are your experiences with weight gain / loss and breast tone? Mine are pregnancy-related so they won't be relevant to those gaining or losing weight for other reasons. Also, got any tips for breast care during weight loss?

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