Can You Use Moisturiser As Under-Eye Cream?

Can You Use Moisturiser As Under-Eye Cream?

    The short answer is yes, though you do need to check the ingredients of said moisturiser first (cheat-sheet below). The skin under the eyes isn't so much different from the rest of our face, except that it's more senitive and unlikely to have problems like acne.

     Ever wondered what is the difference between under eye products and creams or moisturisers meant for the face? Surprisingly, under-eye products are usually watered-down versions of moisturiser. They contain moisturising ingredients and anti-oxidants like most facial products, but less of anything that might dry out or irritate the skin.
    Under-eye product make a lot of money for companies since they are marketed as highly specialised and potent products, and sold in teeny containers.

      You can use your moisturiser on the under-eye area if it doesn't contain drying and irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, mineral oil / paraffin, perfume (synthetic), AHAs (glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, mandelic acid.), BHAs (salicylic acid), Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.
      Generally, any cream or moisturiser that is meant for dry, sensitive or normal skin is more likely to be ok for undereye area. Products meant for oily or acne-prone skin most likely to contain drying or irritating ingredients.

     I have started to use Weleda Skin Food under my eyes, it's very moisturising and soothing. Of course, very often I just dab a bit of grapeseed oil or whatever oil I happen to be using on my face.

     Do you use moisturiser as under-eye cream or do you prefer a separate product? Also, stay tuned for more under-eye posts :)

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