My Sunscreen Dilemma


    I am pretty much at my wit's end. I realised that almost all natural sunscreens in Germany contain nano-particles (due to new laws, which you can read about here). I had already thrown in the towel last year, deciding not to wear sunscreen that is probably worse for my health than UV rays. But then I started getting discolourations above my lip. That didn't look too pretty, so I went back to looking for sunscreen, tail between my legs. That's when I realised that the sunscreen I'm looking for doesn't exist.

What I want from a sunscreen:

* Free from nano-particles (non-negotiable)

   Nano-particles go through all our tissues and enter the bloodstream. Also, chemicals behave very differently when nano-sized, as compared to what they do in their "normal" size. There are too few studies so far about the effects of nano-particles on the body, and I don't want to be part of the guinea-pig generation.

* Free from chemical filters

   These are toxic to the body and often not even photostable. Chemical sunscreen is probably even more likely to give me skin cancer than UV rays. Ever wondered why skin cancer rates are rising, even though people are wearing more sunscreen that ever?

* Non-whitening and not very greasy

       Or at least only slightly whitening.

* Free from parabens and other crap.

* Free from alcohol and perfume

These aren't exactly good for my capillaries. I'm probably asking for too much? I guess this is negotiable, because it's easier to conceal spider veins than wrinkles and pigmentation.

    Now that I have my priorities clear, here are the options left to me:

My options: 

* No sunscreen:

   I probably won't get skin cancer, but I will get discolourations and extra wrinkles.

* Chemical sunscreen:

   My skin won't age, but I will get an extra dose of hormone-imitating chemicals.

* You guys tell me about an amazing, natural, nano-free sunscreen that doesn't make me look like a geisha.

   You will notice that sunscreen with nano-particles isn't an option for me. And neither is a greasy, white product. I tried, I really tried to bite my lips and rock the geisha look while concentrating on how good my skin will still look when I'm older. But after concerned questions and strange looks from people I gave up. Hell, I want to look good right in the present too.

    Do I have another option? Does anyone know of a sunscreen that is free of chemical filters, nano-particles and won't make me look like a ghost? Help!

Check these out: