Weekend Reads 28-04-2012

The toast is ready!

      Hi ladies, how did your week go? I spent a lovely morning browsing through a flea market, and my favourite find was a tiny pocket mirror from the 20's. It's old and the corners are blackened, but amazingly the quality of the mirror is way better than the pocket mirrors in stores today. Other than that, I have been saving bumblebees (refueling them with honey), gardening like crazy and exploring Munich!
    Anyway, here are some lovely links to persue:

* Style: I loved this piece about Oudh, the intoxicating perfume of Quatar. I really want to get my hands on a sample!

* Family: How to Raise a Child “Green” with the Power of Words

* Bras: I had to lol at 12 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have. Can you spot which can be solved with a well-fitting bra? BTW the messenger bag strap is not just problematic for the more endowed.

* Beauty: What I Know About Beauty Now That I'm In My 30s.

* Makeup: a cool way to store makeup brushes.

* Rescue: 13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day

* Women: My Own Mexican Revolution talks about catcalls and machismo culture, and Let’s Make Ending Street Harassment Go Viral is a call to arms. Zero street harassment is one of the perks of living in Germany, but I have vivid (and scarring) memories of it from my time in India, so I say: lets support this!

Check these out: