Sleeping In Supportive Camis

sleep in a bra for firm breasts

   Remember when I talked about sleeping in a bra? Well, I wasn't exactly practicing what I was preaching, because I didn't feel comfortable in a bra at night. I have some quirks about what I wear to bed: I can't sleep with a watch, earrings or even watch.
     When I got the camisole with the built-in bra, I realised it would be perfect for sleeping in. It's not very snug, and I love the satiny fabric. I have been wearing it to sleep since several months, and recently have moved on to older, stretched-out bras.
     I like having my boobs close to me in bed, and I feel that my bust looks better when I wake up. And hey, if Marilyn Monroe did it, it's good enough for me.

    My biggest inspiration was from a lovely reader who wrote in a mail to me:

   I would like to say that wearing a bra to sleep in is an excellent idea. I have always worn a bra and at my age I still have a bust of a young woman. In fact as a young woman I was given the advice "never leave your bra except for seduction".

    This lady is almost 70.

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