Products I'm Excited About (Rossmann, Dm, Müller)

affordable natural cosmetics in Germany

    I'm having a crappy week: my computer, vacuum cleaner and MP3 player are all not working, and I managed to injure a foot and get my finger smashed by a door. Craptastic!
    To take my mind off thing, I have been doing a bit of window shopping, testing recent buys and planning cosmetic purchases for this month. Those of you who have Rossman, Müller and DM in your country, here is some stuff I am excited about: (the rest of you: do come and visit!)

All Natural Perfume Stick from Denim Delight from P2 (DM drogerie)

   I was really excited to find a natural perfume that a) smells sophisticated and not like a bunch of essential oils and b) I can actually afford. Perfumes are the most toxic cosmetics of all so I don't buy conventional any more. Not that I would want to: I developed a very keen sense of smell since I was pregnant and the chemical undertones of most conventional perfumes are unpleasant for me.
    The All Natural Perfume Stick from P2 is flowery-fruity with a hint of a powdery scent that Kenzo perfumes have. Ok, I know I'm terrible at describing scent so I'll stop. I like the scent since it's not overpowering, and besides that a solid perfume is something every girl should have in her handbag. This product is limited-edition, so hurry if you want one.

Sunscreen from Eco Cosmetics

     This is the only nano-free mineral sunscreen in Germany. They seem to have two wearable sunscreen products for the face: a gel (which is actually more like an oil) and a toned cream. These two products are new, so I can't decide which I should order. Help!

Hopefully less toxic nail polish:

     I have started paining my nails again (the last time I did that was in school!) and I have been looking for affordable and less toxic brands. I found out that nail Polish from Rival de Loop and Essence both got best notes from Öko test. Rossman also announced the first ever BDIH-certified natural nail topcoat (I can't remember the brand, but probably its also Rival de Loop).

Nail Polish Remover from Isana (Rossman)

     Great to remove the Hopefully Less Toxic Nail Polish. This got a "very good" from Öko Test, so I will be buying it after my current (crappy) product runs out.

Eyeshadow Primer from Rival de Loop (Rossman)

   The cheapest of the four best eyeshadow primers available here (those from Urban Decay, Art Deco, Zoeva and Rival de Loop). Different reviews favour different ones of these fours, but the one from Rival de Loop has the advantages of being dirt cheap and only lightly sparkly. Oh, and it doesn't dry out in the container, unlike the base from Zoeva and Art Deco. I have been using the Rival de Loop base since two weeks, and it's great so long as you remember to use small amounts (as you should). I just wish it was completely matt, I have hooded eyes and shimmer in the wrong places isn't flattering).

Concealer from Terra Naturi (Müller)

   I'm talking about the one that comes in a twist-up tube. I tried it out at the store and loved the way it's slippery-smooth, almost silicon-y. Not too wet or creamy. I will probably buy this, unless the cream-to-powder one from Alverde (DM) turns out to be better.

   I have been thinking to write a small natural cosmetic shopping guide to Germany, aimed at travellers. I often want to buy beauty products when I travel, but I never know where to start, especially with a limited time and budget! What do you think?

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