How To Make Oil Absorb Better And Feel Less Greasy


     Here is what I found out recently: oil absorbs better when its mixed with water. No idea why, maybe someone could explain how it works on a molecular level? Anyway, I found that if I applied my usual grapeseed oil on a wet face, it absorbed quicker that when I apply it on dry skin. Oil as body moisturiser works best after a shower or bath. This method can be used for oil-based moisturisers, serums or sunscreen.

       This also works for oil-conditioning the hair: my favourite hair guru Anwen oils her hair by dipping it into a bowl full of water and oil, and finds that it works much better than oiling dry hair. She also patented the lazy-girl version of the method: transfer some oil into a spray bottle and spray onto moist hair. I do the laziest-girl method: my husband makes a bath-oil mixture and pours it into the bathtub, and I luxuriate in the bathtub, having dipped my hair in the oily water.
      Of course you're supposed to shampoo the oil out at the end. A lot of girls for whom "normal" oiling hasn't worked will love this. The hair feels softer and less sticky after a "wet" oiling session.

     Do you prefer wet oiling or dry oiling? Any idea why water makes the skin absorb the oil better?

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