Weekend Reads 01-04-2012

No dinosaurs

      Hi ladies, did you have a nice week? I had a fun & busy one: we got our bike frames professionally powder-coated (mine is a love colour and I can't wait to ride it!), baked a ladybird cake, had a birthday party for my 5-year old (and lived to tell the tale). Oh, and toured my city's sewage treatment, which was surprisingly interesting: did you know that enormous quantities of bacteria do a big chunk of the purifying? The main thing I learned: never throw q-tips into the toilet, these suckers manage to get through most of the filters.

* Style: How to Create Color Mixes in Your Outfits

* Think: how to get “wabi sabi” with it

* Bras: want to actually do something about crappy bras and crappy fitting methods? Braless In Brazil  breaks down what you can do.

* Body: How To Talk To Busty Women About Their Boobs. Read and practice, boys and girls.

* Food: An Englishman’s Guide to Perfect Iced Tea

* Beauty: rethinking tans. Are you going to tan / fake tan this summer or do you prefer your natural skin colour?

* Also, have you already voted on Star In A Bra?

* Also: Check out the Really Advanced Search :-)

Have a great day and watch out for the pranks!

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