British Girl Seeks Small Bras + The Little Bra Company -- Reader Question


   Recently this question popped into my mailbox, from reader C (measurements 28/32)

     I wear a 32A as it's the smallest size I can ever find, and it doesn't fit at all: the band is too large, and the cup size too small - I fit in depth, but I spill out the sides. I'm not entirely sure if my breasts are far apart, but I don't fill much in the middle, so I wanted to buy a push up bra that would give me lift and any possible cleavage for when I wear lower cut dresses etc. However, I think it's best I try a simple t-shirt bra so I know my true size first.
   I want to buy from The Little Bra Company, and I'm worried about getting the wrong size; I know sizes change depending on what brand you buy, the style you buy, etc, but I need to get it as close as possible as the bra itself is $60/£30 and then the postage is $45/£27.90; also, I can't try bras in the UK, as I've been unable to find a 28 or 30 band, and when I have, the cup size has been AAA.

   I emailed TLBC company and they recommended I +4, making my bra size 32AA, and then said they didn't carry AA, so I should just buy 32A. This irritated me considering their whole ethos is to ensure women have the correct fitting bra! I'd be much better suited for a 30B or 28C surely?

   If I do buy a 28C will the cup be the same depth as my 32A cup, will I spill out the sides again, or not? Do I in fact need a 28D or a 30C? This still worries me as it sounds so large, and I am so tiny, but I remind myself that that's not the case and that I have outdated ideas of what a D cup looks like!

     Hi C, thanks from writing in.

      Firstly, boo to the Little Bra Company for trying to fit you wrongly and for not even offering a good choice of sizes. And kudos to you for not accepting their BS.

       Here is the great news: actually, UK is the second best place in the world to find great bras in "unusual" sizes. I recommend online stores like Figleaves and Bravissimo, and of course Brastop which has great prices. In these stores you will find a nice selection of affordable bras in 28 and 30 bands, from brands like Freya, Panache, Fantasie, Curvy Kate and more.
       Here is a map of offline bra stores with a big size range, maybe you'll even find something near where you live. I know it's in Polish, but if you click on the pin you can get the name of the store and the address. Something like "biustonosze: 28-40 D-KK" means that the bras available in these stores are in the 28-40 D-KK size range.
       A non-UK brand that I personally like is Ewa Michalak, (worldwide shipping costs 7€). Be sure to measure yourself according to the guide on that site, since theis bands are pretty snug and you'll probably need a different size in their brand.

       I'd recommend a soft underwired bra as a first bra. It adjusts itself to the breasts, whereas T-shirt bras mould the breasts to their shape. In my opinion T-shirt bras as well as push-ups should be worn only when necessary, for everyday use soft bras or lightly padded ones are best, as they help the breasts to maintain their shape and firmness.
     Before you order, I'd recommend reading up on narrow and broad underwires. If you're not sure which you need, try something like Fantasie which has medium underwires.
       My calculator suggests a 30C for you (of course the calculator is just a starting point, not the verdict). However I'd also try neighbouring sizes, especially 30D. You can see my before and after photos if you'd like to see how a 30d looks like.
         If you buy online and have a bit of money to invest temporarily, I really recommend ordering at least 10 bras in several different styles and sizes, and keeping only few ones that fit best (and returning the rest). This tactic is actually much more frugal then ordering two bras and keeping them because they "kinda, almost" fit, and getting dissatisfied with them very soon.
           I wish you good bra hunting!

          Hey ladies, what do you think of The Little Bra Company? What advice would you give C?

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