How I went from C cup to D cup (without surgery) !


Ha ha, that title sure grabbed the attention of a lot of googlers...

     Anyway, that´s me on these photos, and the photos were taken minutes apart. this is what a good bra can do to you ! I used to wear that 75C which all  the bra aclculators advised me advised(add 5 cm to your underbust measurement, round up to the nearest band size... that's the biggest crap I've heard !)

     I was never happy with bras. My bra always rode up at the back, my boobs jiggled around (and, mind you, they're not very big at all!). The straps were either too tight, or were falling off. Underwires always poked into my breasts, and since the rest of the female population seemed to wear those bras happily, I concluded that I was some kind of mutated human with breasts that were unnaturally spaced far apart.

     So, in the deep dark nights I got a sharp instrument and secretly removed the underwires and convinced myself that that's the best it can get.

    After researching on the internet I discovered that the rest of the female population weren't very happy about their bras either. The only well-fitted women were those on lingerie ads, (whose boobs are not fitted but photoshopped into the cups); and celebs, who probably wear bras made especially for them out of silk lace and platinum underwires.

    The rest of us females adjusted our bras with every breath we took, and believed that bras and comfort can never be in the same sentence.

  Then I discovered these photos. Wow. I didn't need further convincing. I ran to my drawer, got my measuring tape out. The next stop was, where I won a 65D for like 6 pounds. I was lucky that this first bra was an extremely compatible model: once I put it on I didn't want to ever wear anything again. The band felt tight for the first few minutes, but after that I didn't feel the bra at all ! Later on I actually had to check if I was wearing anything at all !

  I also remembering admiring my shape in every mirror I passed.
Since then, my breasts have improved in shape, and my bra collection has improved in size. Ebaying for bras can actually be addictive, especially when tempted by delicious bra reviews...

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