My Beach Bag

Packing my beach bag

     I'm lucky to have several lakes near my town, one within walking distance. And I love spontaneously spending an afternoon at my neighbourhood lake. As soon as the weather turns warm my "beach bag" takes up residence in my entryway. It's a big tote that contains almost everything I need for a day at the waterside, easy to pick up and go! If you go to a beach /pool / river in the summer, try gettinga beach bag and packing it with the essentials -- this makes it super easy to spontaneously grab everything and go whenever you´re in the mood!
     If I'm travelling and I plan to swim, I take a beach bag too. I like to use a mesh pouch since you can throw sandy stuff inside and the sand goes off by the time you're in your hotel.

     What's in my beach bag:

* Everyone's swimsuits
* A lightweight picknic blanket
* A tiny towel
* Sunscreen
* An anklet and beaded bracelet (I like to wear accessories with my swimsuit, but I tend to forget to take them with me).
* A coin purse with enough money for drinks and ice-cream, but not enough to worry about.
* Everyone's hats. I love big ones for myself.
* Kids' swim wings.
* Waterbottle (one of my beloved Siggs)
* Sun shades
* Sarong
* Disposable razor (just in case)
* Lip balm with SPF

     What I grab in the last minute:

* Whatever book I'm reading at the moment
* My public transport card
* Apples for everyone
* Mobile phone (unless I decide to forget it on purpose)

    My beach bag is an oversized round orange straw tote that I picked up at a second-hand store. If you're on a lookout for a cute one, I love this, this, thisthis and this one.

    Do you have a designated beach bag? What do you pack in yours?

PS Winner of the Baggu Bag giveway is Melita! Congrats!

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