Weekend Reads 26-05-2012


    How have you been? My week has been uninteresting but now I'm about to have an evening vegetarian grill in my garden with my family. Before I stuff my face with grilled zucchinis filled with feta cheeze and mushrooms, I leave you with a bunch of nice links for your pursual:

* How castor oil saved my hairline. Includes before and after pics!

* Great computer tricks!

*  Ever wondered how your speaking voice sounds to others? Try this trick (skip to 1 min).

* Drop-dead gorgeous girls don't have an easy life.

* This woman's style is so inspiring. Wow. I love the way she mixes pieces from completely different cultures and periods into what is almost wearable art.

This video explains how to pose with your face for photographs. I tried it out and I'm amazed at how much better my pictures got:

Check these out: