How To Make The Best Of A Short, Cold Summer

How To Make The Best Of  A Short, Cold Summer

  If you live way north (or way south) of the globe, chances are that summer is much shorter than you´d want it. For each three hot, sunny days you get a week of rain and cold; and you seem to go immediately from waiting-for-summer to wtf-its-autumn-already. I know I find the summer way to short, and the warm days way to few! Here are some of my best tips for feeling like you´ve really made the best out of your summer :

* Wear your thin, short summer stuff anyway
   And combine them creatively with warmer, longer pieces. Shorts with a sweater. Sleeveless top with boots. Summer dress under a coat. Add extra warmth with leggings, light scarves and tank tops.

* Do stuff outdoors as much as you can
    Choose outdoor seating in cafes, or just get a to-go cup and sit on the pavement. Walk and bike more. Take your laptop to a park and work / study there. Meet your friends to swim, go for a walk, grill or chill in a park. Drink tea on your balcony and sleep with the windows open.

* Get a separate summer coat
  Even if it´s cold enough for your winter coat, you won´t feel as miserable if you´re not wearing your actual winter coat. Invest in a cute warm jacket in a light or bright color, just for the summer. Personally I feel that the warm season has begun when I pack away my winter coats!

* Wear summer accessories
    Florals, straw totes, hats -- have a collection of great accessories that scream "summer". Wear them to make your outfits feel summery, even on cold, grey days.

* Do something that involves bikinis
    Even if it´s just lounging on your balcony with a drink. Bikinis = summer, everyone knows that. Sun yourself with a friend in their garden (step one: find a friend with a garden) or go to an open-air swimming pool.

* Remember what was the typical summer thing you did as a child.
    Now go and re-create it ! Childhood rituals often get ingrained deep into our psyche, and indulging in them can make your summer feel complete. If summer meant ice cream and playing in rubber pools to your childhood self, you know what you have to go and do!

    What do you do when you want to feel summery? How do you cope with cold summer days? Do share.

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