Review: My Glasses From Firmoo

    I´d like to write about my impressions of the pair of eyewear I received courtesy of Firmoo. (Have you entered the eyewear giveway already?). I was impressed at how quickly my order was processed, and how soon it arrived. I´m used to waiting for weeks for stuff from US, but my glasses were here in a couple of days!
     The package contained the glasses in a case, a cloth bag and a screw for adjusting the nose pads. I love the little screw and the key ring, since I always liked to tighten my glasses screws myself and did it with the tip of a kitchen knife thus far. No more!
      Coming to the glasses themselves, it was not easy to choose a design over the internet, but the glasses turned out to be very much as I had imagined them to be. I wanted strong, straight lines, in contrast to the rounded designs I usually lean towards. However after wearing them for a day I fel like something was off, though I couldn´t quite put my finger on it. After examining the frame closely today morning, I realised that they were not symmetrical:

     Due to this reason I will be wearing this pair for occasions where I don´t want to damage my other glasses. Apart from the assymetry, I like the material (titanium) and the lightness of these glasses.
      I found Firmoo prices very affordable even by German standards (I hear that in the US the prices are way higher, starting from three-digit-numbers), so it is good when you a pair of very affordable eyewear and don´t need them to be perfect.

Update: I contacted Firmoo and they are kindly sending me another pair!

   Is the assymetry noticeable to you, or am I beeing too nitpicky? On a side note, 
what do you think of the thick-framed hipster glasses? Do you own more than one set of glasses? What does your pair look like?

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