May ´12 Hair Update + Honey Rinse

  So I let my hairdresser cut several inches off my hair. I´m glad that he suggested it -- I got instantly more lift, volume and waves. Having almost waist-length hair is nice, but it does weight everything down. It was more than half a year since I had a hair cut, and this time I felt a bit guilty towards my hairdresser -- he had a lot of work! I resolved to get the next one in four months, like a normal human being.

   This is what my hair looked like after the cut:


    I love my hairdresser´s work, I got lots of texture, volume and movement. (Artistically messy is the look I asked for). But the shampoo did dry out my hair and make it frizz. Time to co-wash!

After one co-wash:

After a month:
co-washing and honey rinse
after protein treatment and parsley n honey rinse

   Much better! I think I forgot to take off my root-lifting clips for the photo, that´s why the strange thing going on at the top. Also, I realise that the curls go only halfway up my hair -- I probably need to scrunch higher up as well?

   As for my routine, I am continuing with modified co-washing. It goes like this: conditioner on the length of the hair, and a little bit of sulfate-free shampoo on the roots. Rinse out, then condition again, this time scrunching. Dry with a microfibre towel, in scrunching motions. Turban wrap for a few minutes, then us a duck clip to lift the hair on my crown as it air-dries.
    I try to do a protein-treatment at least once a month, and at least once a week I do a herbal or beer rinse / oil conditioning / hair masque.

Honey rinse

   Honey for hair isn´t exactly new, but I though I´d write about it to motivate any of you who haven´t used it yet to try it out. Honey is a humectant so it´s a great moisturiser, and it also gives hold to the hair like hairspray. Except that unlike hairspray it is really easy to remove -- all you need is water. I like to add a spoonful of honey to a herbal rinse (basically a herb steeped in hot water) and use it as a last rinse. I feel that it gives "hold" to my waves and the occasional curl, and doesn´t allow the hair to droop. I used parsley in the photo, if you´d like detailed instructions and ideas there are many in this post on DIY herbal hair rinses.

    How often do you get your hair cut? Do you like your hairdresser? Any advice for hair that curls only on the bottom half?

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