My Cleansing Routine, + Meet My Four Cleansers

I wanted to show you what I clean my face with:

My cleanser, also: my peonies

I just realised I need to upgrade my containers. Anyway, here are the products:

Oil cleanser:

   This doubles as makeup remover and moisturiser. At the moment I am using a mix of castor oil, jojoba, and grape seed oil. When I need to get my make up off, I apply the oil on my face, massage in, an wipe of with a wet microfibre cloth. And then I repeat. Often I leave the traces of oil on my face (I don't use any product on top of it), otherwise I follow it with:

Clay cleanser:

   I love the Alverde Clear Waschcreme Heilerde because the clay soaks up dirt and grease, and at the same time contains oils that re-moisturise the skin, so it doesn't leave my face dry like a regular clay mask would. I often use this creamy clay cleanser solo to when I'm not wearing makeup.

Micellar Water:

   I have already waxed poetic about this product. It looks and feels like water, but has magical cleansing properties. It removes makeup wonderfully, and leaves my face perfectly clean but not dry. I make mine with this kit (they are currently working on the english version of their page).

Orange Water:

    Orange water is basically a hydrolate or flower-water and it works as a toner (lightly cleanses, refreshes, and balances the skin's pH levels). This I use solo when I just need to refresh my face, like in the morning (I usually wet my konjac sponge with it and gently massage my face). I also use it after the other cleansers. When the bottle is empty, I will try out rose water, I think it's more fitting for the summer, no? Also, I need a prettier bottle.

   So I mix and match these four products depending on what I need to cleanse off my face, and what I want to apply afterwards. I cleanse religiously every evening because I believe that skin needs to be free from makeup and dirt to regenerate at night. I don't cleanse in the morning (apart from the orange water). Since my skin has fragile capillaries, I almost never scrub. Ah, I forgot the most important part: my skin type is dry to normal, depending on time of year.

    How does your cleansing routine look like? What are your favourite cleansing products? Anything I should try out?

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