Taping Your Wrinkles Away

medical tape to smoothe wrinkles

   From the category of weird but effective beauty tips: scotch tape can reduce wrinkles? Yep, it does work. Think of this as DIY frownies that are much cheaper. It works best on not lines that are not too deep. And you younger ladies -- you might want to start as soon as you see the first signs of lines.   The taping is also great to break the frowning habit: tape between your eyebrows when you have a day alone at home. The tape will make you aware of your frowning and will help you break the habit.
   Now I don't yet have any wrinkles on which I could test this out, but the internet is full of women who have used this method and are satisfied. So, how long do the results last? After the first few times the skin stays smooth most of the day with the lines resurfacing in the evening. However if you tape your lines regularly for a few weeks you will see longer lasting effects -- you will not need to tape  for the next few months.

Which tape to use:

   First tip: try using the medical tape you buy with gauze instead of scotch tape, as the glue is skin-friendly. There are many kinds of tape out there, depending on which part of the world you live in. I tested out the two kinds of medical tape that I had in my first aid kit -- you can see them in the picture above. The white one on the left was very easy to use, but I felt the glue was a bit weak. The one on the right has very strong glue, so weaken the glue by either sprinkling the piece you want to use with a teeny bit of powder, or simply pressing it on your hand several times.

How to use:

    In the evening, put on your night cream, wait till it sinks in, then apply the tape on your frown areas: the nasolabial folds, crows feet, the lines between your eyebrows and the forehead. Pull the skin tight and press the tape on it to keep it smooth. Try to sleep on your back at night or at least on the side. In the morning, peel of carefully. Enjoy your smooth skin!

     Ladies, have any of you tried tape on your wrinkles? Or frownies? Did it work for you? Also, do you think this might work for cleavage wrinkles?

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