Reader Question: Cleavage Enhancing Bras

leavage enhancing bras -- Freya Retro

   I measured myself and my band size 77cm, and bust is 87cm making me a 32C(US) I would say my breasts are tear drop shaped but at the same time they are wide set. I was wondering if a plunge bra (like the freya retro plunge) would be appropriate to create that nice cleavage /pushed together look or if it wouldn't work due to my widesettedness. The website says I can't return worn bras and I'm afraid I won't get what I want from it.

  Also, can you create the same look with a lower balconette bra like you recommend for tear drop shaped breasts.

       Glad to know you've been fitted well! To answer your questions:

   Do get one or two soft bras for everyday wear first. You might be surprised what a well-fitted soft bra can do for cleavage. I used to have a flat space between my boobs, now I have a valley. Actually, many of the "normal" bras create a nice cleavage, however this effect depends very much on the individual breast shape. For example I know girls that wear that the Panache Tango II gives them a lovely cleavage, but I can't say I have seen the same on myself. So you need to try different bras out and see which cup shapes work best for you. I do like the lift and volume-on-top that the padded Curvy Kates and Masquerades give me. Yes, I'm talking about the balconette models. Generally balconettes push the breasts up, while balconettes may push them together. It all depends what kind of necklines you prefer.

   As you have wide-set boobs, avoid most Freyas as the underwires will be too narrow for you. The retro is an exception here (see my review post) because the cups are made to push the breasts from outside in.

     Yes, the Freya Retro is a great bra for cleavage, but it can be a bit tricky to fit (same goes for the Gossard superboost, and even more for the Panache Inferno). I do not recommend it as your first correctly sized bra, as you won't be able to tell whether you are wearing the right size or not! You need to establish your size first with an unpadded, underwired bra -- here any fit mistakes will be very visible. Also soft bras are best for breast-tissue migration.
    Also remember that cleavage-enhancing bras should not be worn every day, since they do distort the breast tissue. Use them for special occasions, and stick to soft cups with underwires for every day. Your breasts will thank you! That said, every woman needs to own a bra that gives killer cleavage.

Here are a couple of bras that I know that give a great cleavage:

* Freya Retro plunge
* Affinitas Jeanie
* Panache Inferno (great for narrow but deep necklines)
* Gossard Superboost
* Masquerade Aragon
* Masquerade Coquette
* Ewa Michalak -- all of the push-up models

   These bras are more breast-friendlier than your average push-up. The first three work by having a cup shape that pushes the boobs closer together.

   Dear readers,what is your favourite cleavage-enhancing bra for special occasions? Could you recommend daily-wear bras that give a nice cleavage?

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