Affinitas Intimates -- Gorgeous Lingerie from USA in A-G cups

Serena in several styles, by Affinitas

     Look like UK is fast losing it's monopoly on good bras in a bigger size range -- Affinitas and Parfait is a great new lingerie brand from the US. I have been drooling over Affinitas bras ever since I spotted rave reviews of them on other lingerie blogs -- especially of the drop-dead gorgeous Charlotte model.
    The strong sides of this brand are very tasteful designs with gorgeous detailing, high quality fabrics, well-finished pieces as well as well-constructed cups and a decent size range (till a G cup).

   Affinitas Intimates runs two sister brands: Affinitas which does sizes of A-DD and it's complimentary line Parfait Affinitas D-G  "distinctively designed to serve the full-busted woman”. While I do think that bigger cup sizes deserve separate attention (you can't just scale a small cup to a much bigger size and expect it to work); I find this division a bit confusing, because a 30D or DD is far from being full-busted.
    What the Affinitas range of sizes lacks in the G+ department, it makes up by filling the void in the market for hard-to get sizes like 30A, 30B and 30C as well as balconette styles in small cup sizes. Also, the underwires in the small cups are scaled to the cup size -- which means no unwieldy poking wires.
   Both Parfait and Affinitas bands start at size 30, so snug that they are practically 28s (though many Affinitas models start at 32). Parfait goes till band 40, Affinitas mostly till 38.

   Another inviting fact is that the the Affinitas bras are quite affordable, with prices starting at around 40$ or £30.00, and their design and detailing makes them look much more spendy.

   Each of the dozen or so designs in Parfait and in Affinitas come in several versions: usually two different bra styles, two bottoms and sometimes also a baby doll / bustier / camisole; all of this in two different colour versions. I personally like this approach because often see bras that I like but would prefer a different cut or colour.

   The most recognisable model of the Affinitas line is the swoon-worthy Charlotte, (pssst, this is sadly being discontinued, so grab one while you can). I'd also like to bring your attention the to the Jeanie Plunge -- for those of you who wanted to have a cleavage-enhancing nude plunge but had fit issues with the Freya Deco Plunge.

Fitting Guide For Affinitas Bras:

  • Affinitas and Parfait uses UK sizing instead of US sizing (with it's ridiculous DDDDs). 
  • The bands are very snug, so go up a size in most models. The cups tend to be on the smaller side, though not in all models. The bottoms tend to run small too.
  • The many reviews of full-busted bloggers have shown that Parfait Affinitas bras are well-constructed and supportive in the bigger cup sizes. Unfortunately only till a G cup -- I'd love to see an expansion here.
  • Most of the cups are partially or mostly padded. Some have a inside push-up cushion which is very soft. The cups tend to be low-cut and light.

Here are my picks from the upcoming Spring-Summer 2013 collection:

The Marilyn, one of the most beautiful sets I've set my eyes on. Fortunately available in several colours: red (my fav), black and pink, as a chemise, longline and halfcup styles, unfortunately only in 32-38 B-DD. Oh, and this style is pat of the Fall-Winter 2013 collection.

The Cassandra is an elegant style covering the basics with half-cups, balconette, a bustier  in black and white. 30-40, D-G.

Danielle Bralet -- love the old rose colour and the buttons on the front. 30-40, D-G. Also comes in a half-cup style.

Sophia Contour Bra Camisole 30-34D-G. I love the way the lace is covering the cups! This is mean to an be innerwear-as-outerwear piece, but to me it looks a bit too bedroomy to wear it outdoors, at least on this photo.

Hannah, also comes in balconette and push-up babydoll. 32-38 B-DD

And finally, a sneek peek into the Affinitas and Parfait Spring-Summer 2013 show:

  It's great to see a fresh faces in the fuller-size-range lingerie brand world -- especially one from the US, so that you american ladies will have alternatives to ordering from overseas. I'd love to see Affinitas expand their size range -- more ladies need Affinitas designs on their boobs

   You can get your paws on Affinitas bras at: see here for stores in the US, Canada, UK and Korea; in Poland Affinitas is available through

   Do any of you own Affinitas lingerie or have tried it on? Which designs do you like most? Which models would you be interested in seeing reviews of?

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