How To Make Your Undereye Concealer Stay In Place

how to make your concealer last longer

   Here is a lovely trick I discovered that will keep your concealer from collecting in the creases under the eyes. I saw it mentioned on a makeup tutorial on Youtube, unfortunately I cannot find that video anymore.
    So, to make the concealer under your eyes stay in place, simply apply it on top of eyeshadow primer!
    To make this work you need to have a good eyeshadow primer that stays in place (the ones from Urban Decay, Zoeva and Rival de Loop are very good). Some eyeshadow primers are rather sparkly, you might want choose something matt or pearly. You must also apply a very little bit of the primer -- less is more here
    Have you ever tried to use eyeshadow base below your concealer? How did that work for you?

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