Weekend Reads 01-09-2012

Busty Girl Comics

     Hello everyone, hope you had a good week! I am busy panicking that the summer is ending. No more sundresses, sandals, outdoor swimming! No!!! The autumn isn't that bad, but the winter is way too long over here.

   Here are some lovely links for you:

* Lookie what I found! The above comics comes from Busty Girl Comic. 

* Also, check out The Perks Of Being Small Chested

* Fussy Busty is a new bra blog whose author is a 40J. You must check it out if you too wear bigger bands and bigger cups, because there is really very few information and bra reviews out there in this size compartment.

* Those of you from NYC might be interested in the new blog Busts Of Gotham.

* Finally, a pen for the ladies. Read the reviews of this, they are a scream.

* For you Russophiles out there: Light and Shade is an awesome Tumblr.

* Bra blog of the week: Undressed to Impress. Lots of honest reviews on bras, swimwear  and bust-freindly clothing for size 28G and therebouts, written by the slim but curvy Laura! It's a fantastic resource for all you small backs + big bust ladies.

The fabulous Jenna Marbles responds to a guy that states that "Olympic games are destroying womanhood" and makes her boobs disappear in the proces. (NSFW for language:

Check these out: