How To Put Together A Skin Care Routine

How To Create A Skin Care Routine

  I have been requested to write about creating a basic beauty routine. It took me a while to write this post, because, to be frank -- I'm not terribly good at routines. Only in the last few months my routine has been taking shape -- before this I didn't really have a plan or overview when it came to the care of my skin.

   Here I will outline a basic skin-care routine. Please feel free to adapt it to your skin's need and to your lifestyle. Remember that a simple routine done regularly is much more effective than an elaborate one that you don't have the time or motivation to follow!


Cleansing:     Depending on how oily your skin is when you wake u, and how much you sweat in the night, you might want to just do a quick swipe with a toner or hydrolate (I recommend rose water, which is both), milk, green tea or use a gentle cleansing product. 
Serum / treatment:    Apply a serum or treatment that either deals with your skin problems, or gives it a boost of nutrients or protects it from aging. Don't bother to apply a moisturiser (unless you have extremely dry skin) because the sunscreen you will be applying next should be enough. Apply the serum on your neck and decollette too!
Sunscreen:   If you need motivation to wear sunscreen every day, check out this truck driver whose right side of the face looks way older than his left side. And yes, this also goes on your face and decollette.
At the end, make the lion pose with your face (great for keeping the facial muscles toned), smile at yourself and give yourself a complement! 

Evening / Night

   Depending on what time you come home and what time you got to bed, you can do the below steps together or split your evening skin routine into after-work-cleansing and before-bed-clown-mask.
As soon as you come home, remove your makeup and sunscreen with a makeup remover or an oil (works just as well!). After that cleanse your face thoroughly. If your face needs extra cleansing, I recommend alternating cleansing methods. That way what one product might miss today, the other will clean off tomorrow. You can do the oil-cleansing method three times a week, and use some other cleansing product on other days. 
Follow cleansing with a gentle, alcohol-free toner (again, I recommend hydrolates). This removes the rest of your cleanser and restores the skin's pH level. Wipe your neck and decollette too!
According to your skin type, you can use a serum, night cream, moisturiser or oil. You can also use a lighter product after removing your makeup in the evening, and a heavier one right before bed. You might want to use more than one product on the face. Instead of layering too many products, I suggest alternating products every other day.
   Don't forget to moisturise your under-eye area, your neck and your decollette. You can use the same moisturiser / serum / cream that you use on your face if it a basic moisturing and nourishing product, but not if it is meant to fight acne or oiliness.

Extra nourishing:
Do other parts of you need extra attention? You could also use a lash / brow conditioner, a lip product, a spot treatment on blemishes, a nail conditioner, etc. Don't feel obliged to use all of the above -- do only what you feel your body needs at the moment.

Internal Skin Care 

   It's a great idea to include skin-care in your diet. This means drinking enough water, eating nuts and seeds, as well as raw fruit and vegetables. Herbal teas, sea weed, sprouts and other super foods are also great for the skin, hair and nails!

Beauty Spa Treatment 1-2 times a week

Once in a while your skin needs a bit of special attention. I recommend first cleansing your skin very thoroughly, and then nourishing it. 
Exfoliation: try a scrub, chemical peel or microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and open up pores. 
Deep cleansing: Try steaming (face sauna), a peel-of mask or a clay mask to draw impurities out of the pores. 
Toning: Wipe your face with a toner to close the pores. 
Intensive moisturising: apply a face mask, either home-made or DIY. 

Example beauty routine:

    This is what I do on most days:
    In the morning, I spritz my face with rose water or wipe it with my Konjac Sponge. I follow this up with a serum against discolourations (I haven't been religious with my sunscreen, and I got some weird brownish patches). Finally, I apply sunscreen with I mattify with Hide-A-Pore from Sweetscents. Sometimes I do my whole mineral makeup thing, sometimes just concealer and mascara, sometimes nothing.
     During the day I drink at least one cup of green tea, and I always add some kind of seeds or nuts to my lunch. I also try to remember to drink enough water -- this makes a huge difference to my skin and general well-being.
    In the evening, I will do oil-cleansing if I have been wearing makeup, otherwise I just use the Alverde Clear Waschcreme Heilerde cleanser. I wipe my face with rose water again, follow it with the serum and a dab of Weleda Skin Food under the eyes and on my hands. Off to bed!

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