Weekend Reads 21-10-2012 A Must-Read: Brafitting By Maheda

Brafitting by Maheda is a no-nonsense bra-fitting blog. It´s full of real and unretouched photos and videos of fittings and transformations. Not all of the articles are available in english, but the ones that are are totally worth your time. Here are some of my favourite:

* How a D cup can be larger than a F cup

* Photographic proof how wearing a well fitting bra changes breast shape. Caution: NSFW, nudity ! !!! Here is a SFW version in a bra

* 34C to 32GG transformation. Also answers the question: will tight bands create back rolls on chubbier ladies ?

* Bra fitting above the age of 60

* Is 32DDD the same as 32F ? Making sense of bra sizes in different countries

How can I help my already stretched ligaments?

* Why can't I tone my breasts with chest exercises?

PS The ´weird´ looking photos are 3d, if you have 3D glasses you can enjoy :)


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