How To Stick To Your Skin Care Routine

     The most important part of  having a good skin care routine is actually following it! I talked about creating a basic skin-care routine. Here are some tips to be consistent in following it:

Tips on staying faithful to your beauty routine:

  • Keep everything within reach and organised. A neighbour of mine often has to wake up at unearthly hours (she's a nurse), so she keeps all the products that she uses in the morning on a small tray on her living room table. That way she doesn't have to think too much or search for anything -- it's all right there. Another woman I used to know kept her nighttime products in that gap between her mattress and her headboard, so that she could do her skin-care routine in bed -- pure genius!
  • Streamline your products. Get rid of anything you don't like or use -- even if it was expensive (you can just put it out on the curb, that will get rid of the guilt).
  • Keep stuff that you enjoy using -- I never miss using Weleda Skin Food on my under eye skin because it smells so good. I also noticed I'm more likely to use stuff that I have decanted into pretty containers. That's just my preferences -- find out yours and make it tempting for yourself to use those products!
  • Make your beauty corner pretty and welcoming. Whether it's a dressing table or a bathroom shelf, make it a place where you'd like to spend a few minutes. Good lighting, no clutter, and maybe a small decoration / tiny flower vase / cute photo of you will make the spot much more inviting!
  • If you have never followed a beauty routine, start with just the bare bones and build it up gradually. I suggest moisturising in the morning and cleansing in the evening. After this becomes second nature, add sunscreen or a toner or a scrub.
  • Don't try to do everything --  if your skin regime has 20 steps, takes three hours and needs 50 products, you will probably get fed up of it after two weeks.
  • Have a minimum routine for crappy days. That might be just removing your makeup and doing a spot treatment on breakouts, for example.
  • Subscribe to beauty blogs. Like mine ;) Seriously, there is no better reminder and motivation for me than to read about other women's experiments, successes and routines!

             What are the ways you stay regular and motivated in your skin care routine? Do share your tips.

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