Weekend Reads 27-10-2012

Weekend Reads 27-10-2012

      Has anyone else been prepping their garden this week? I have not one but two to take care off. My own has been lying neglected, but I have been putting my energies into the garden of my kids' kindergarden -- where I volunteer. Highlights include earning the nickname "garden fairy" and getting to know some lovely people. I have also organized a clothing swap to which almost nobody came (so rude!), planned a trip to the seaside, ate tons of dark chocolate and diligently browsed through flea-markets. In all, a busy week. How has yours been? Do you love flea-markets too?

    Here are some great links for you to persue:

* Style: St Bustier launched a clothing site for busty ladies. Holly from Full Figured Chest is not impressed, and suggests better (and cheaper) alternatives.

* Skin: Why do under-eye circles appear? Here is the best explanation I've ever read.

* Smarts: Magenta is not a colour. Mind. Blown.

* Body: We ARE Good Enough: Musings on Body Acceptance

* Weird: Number Stations, an unsolved mystery. The Swedish Rhapsody one is so creepy!

* Food: How to eat chocolate. From a professional.

* Couldn't resist adding: this is what you see when you go to work in the morning in Munich, during the Oktoberfest season.

Just my hoopdance idols having fun:

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