Review: Ewa Michalak Toffi Strapless in 30D (65D)

    Today I present a review of a bra I have had and loved since a long time. I can't believe I'm introducing you to it only now! Every woman needs a strapless, and after looking through reviews I went for the Ewa Michalak Toffi Strapless.

   My breast type: currently my measurements are 68/81. My breasts are tear-shaped (bottom-heavy) and rather wide-spaced; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires).

Aesthetics: 5/5

    Wow. The Toffi Strapless is the most gorgeous nude bra I have ever set my eyes on. First of all, the colour, which is light, warm caramel -- is much more gorgeous than the beige most nude bras have. The fabric is just so slightly shimmery. The lace edging is lovely -- it doesn't show up under clothes, well maybe if you wear something very clingy and thin. And it makes a lovely surprise if it peeks out from under a top.

Fit: 4/5

   The cups of the Toffi Strapless are made of thin but stiff foam. Funnily, they look huge when I first took them out of the box -- I though I got the wrong size! Nope, they actually are the right size. And they are lower-cut than they look, so the bra can be worn with deep-cut tops.
   The stiffness of the cups of the Toffi Strapless means they don't cooperate with my body -- when I am standing normally the tops of the cups are kinda flush with my body, but when I bend down or lift my arms the edges stand away (I heard this just happens with smaller busts). Interestingly, this is absolutely not visible under clothes due to the curve of the cup, so I don't mind.
    The cups are moulded in a top-heavy way, and they do push the breast slightly upwards and very much forwards. It's a bit of a Victorian Corset look, which I personally like.
    The band is quite snug, and I wouldn't go down a size unless I wanted to strangle myself. It has a three-clasp closure.
    Here is a tip: when trying on the Toffi Strapless for the first time, chances are you are wearing it too low. I keep on seeing this mistake on photos online. The band is so tight and grippy that it doesn't automatically move to the optimal position (level with the cups) so you might want to check in the mirror and pull it up a bit.
    The underwires are short, both in the front and under the armpits. This makes it comfortable for petites on those with high-placed boobs. The underwires are rather wide, which might not make it a best choice for those preferring narrow ones.

Comfort: 3/5

   The support that this bra gives is amazing. I can do everything I want to, without the thought "ooh, gotta be carefull, strapless bra today" never even entering my head. This is the reason the Toffi Strapless is not a convertible -- there is just no need for shoulder straps, this strapless is as supportive as it gets!
    That said, this bra is not the most comfortable one I own. The band is on the snug side, and the underwires press themselves into me. I would have liked to have the underwires padded, it would make the bra much more comfortable. I'm a bit scared of bending the underwires, but might do it one of these days.
      I had no issues with the silicone on the underwires, but I have heard that girls with more sensitive skin have had them rubbing uncomfortably.


   The Ewa Michalak Toffi Strapless will always be a staple in my wardrobe, it's one model that I will definitely repurchase if my size changes. It's very good looking, and extremely supportive. Though it will not win the prize for the most comfortable bra in my wardrobe, it's really amazing to have a strapless that I can always depend on. It also has a huge advantage over its competitors for being available in bands starting from a (tight) 30 and going up to a GG cup -- and remember that you can always order custom sizes! The Toffi Strapless also tied for the first place with the Freya Deco in the Strapless Competition by Stanikomania in the D-G category.
    The bra set me back around 31€ + roughly 6€ shipping.

Ewa Michalak Toffi Strapless 30D Stats:

Band unstretched: 55cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 72cm
Underwire length: 20cm
Underwire width: 12.5
   These measurements have been taken after appx. 15 wears :)

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   Do you own an Ewa Michalak Toffi Strapless? Did I tempt you to get one? What is the best strapless bra that you own right now? 

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