Your Acne Questions Needed!

Your Acne Questions Needed!

    Hi ladies, most of us have an occasional breakout and many have a hard time with persistent, heavy, breakouts. Skin can be so hard and rebellious sometimes!
    Last week I got contacted by the writers of a new free eBook ACNE: A comprehensive guide on identifying, treating and generally showing spots who the boss. Guess what, they wanted to know what you would like to see in a book about acne. I was pretty thrilled that the writers of a skin care book are reaching out to their readers and letting them ask the questions.

    Here is how it works: please leave all your questions about acne in the comments. It can be anything and everything related to breakouts. The writers will read your comments and use them for your book. And, here is the great part: they will send us preview 10 copies of the ACNE e-book weeks before it goes public. If you comment on this post with your questions about acne, you will automatically be entered to win one of the 9 copies (I'm keeping one for myself, of course).

   So, what did you always wand to know about skin and breakouts? Ask away!

PS it's possible that I might pick some of your questions and write posts about them.

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