DIY Leave-in Conditioner Recipe For Dry And Curly Hair

DIY Leave-in Conditioner

    A leave-in is one of the easiest DIYs cosmetics you can make, and it can be customised endlessly. I will now explain what a leave-in does and give you two easy recipes to make your own.

     A leave-in is basically a very light conditioner that you use after the last rinse -- and you leave it in, which means you don't wash it off. It keeps the hair more moisturised,  prevents frizz, and adds shine. It is great for hair that need a lot of moisture -- dry hair and / or curly hair.
    Apparently leave-ins are not very popular in my part of the world because I never saw one in the stores. But it's so easy to make one -- and it has the added bonus of being silicone-free. here is a basic recipe -- feel free to modify it according to what your hair likes.

DIY leave-in conditioner recipe:

In a small mister bottle mix:
* Water (boiled or distilled is best) or a hydrolate* A squirt of your favourite conditioner
* A few drops of your favourite oil (optional)
* A dash of aloe vera gel or concentrate (optional)
* A few drops of panthenol (optional)
* A few drops of your favourite essential oil for fragrance.
   Spray on just-washed hair, style as usual.

Do you use leave-in conditioners? Have a favourite product you recommend? Let me know how if you try my recipe.

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