Nude Eyeshadow Palette From Zoeva -- A Great Neutral Palette, Especially For Hooded Eyes

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     I have been searching far and wide for a good neutral eyeshadow palette. My everyday look is the "invisible makeup look", aka the "pretending to be naturally gorgeous without giving on that I have tons of warpaint on" look.
     Anyway I was looking for a palette with a decent amount of warm browns and warm beiges; and lots of matte, especially in the dark shades. Shimmer gives away the fact that I'm actually wearing makeup, and also when you have hooded eyelids you should wear only matte darks on the crease.
     The Sleek palette had too much shimmer and sparkle for my taste. I thought of getting something from MAC, but decided that I don't want to spend that much cash. So, I ended up choosing the Zoeva nude palette, about which I read plenty of good stuff on blogs.
    I bought in on I was a bit confused to read that the Zoeva nude palette is the same as the one from Coastal Scents, and there also also some of these palettes without the name on Ebay from China. I did read on some forum that these are not exactly identical, so I decided to get the one from Zoeva.

My thoughts:

   The Zoeva Nude Palette has decent amount of colours (of you'd like to see swatches, this lady did a great job). I would have preferred less space between the colours thereby making the whole thing smaller -- the palette is around the size of a small netbook, and that's a big big for me. As for the intensity of the colours and staying power, it's pretty good, although it varies from colour to colour. I always wear eyeshadow over a base anyway, and don't do extremely intense makeup looks so I guess I'm not very demanding.
   I hope that the Zoeva Nude Palette will give me a clear idea about which nude shades flatter my skintone best. In the future when it's used up I will probably put together a minimalistic custom one with 5-6 nude shades.
   The ingredients aren't exactly natural (mineral oil, parabens), but I haven't seen a proper nude palette from a natural brand yet. It's not ideal, but since you use only small amounts of eye shadow I don't worry about it.

The palette set me back 14,95€, plus shipping costs. Zoeva ships within Europe.

     Which is your favourite nude palette? Or do you avoid nude eyeshadow?

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