Review: Parfait Affinitas Charlotte Balconet in 30DD

   The Parfait Affinitas Charlotte balconet was love at first sight. It was the bra that first made me take notice of Parfait Affinitas. The Charlotte looked great on the bloggers that had tested it out, but I wondered whether it would look just as good on my smaller rack? (Spoiler: it does!)

My breast type: currently my measurements are 68/81. My breasts are tear-shaped (bottom-heavy) and rather wide-spaced; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires). My usual size is 28DD, however in this bra model I fit a 30DD.

Aesthetics: 5/5

    Wow. I really adore the design of the Charlotte bra. It has a very retro-yet-modern vibe, and the vertical lines are very flattering. The black bows add a bold yet understated accent -- they aren't small (as per bra standards), however their placement and colour makes the blend in harmoniously with the rest of the design. They also cover the place where the strap is attached to the cup (an ugly spot on many bras). For those of you who don't like ribbons -- it is pretty easy to remove them (just cut off a couple of stitches). 
    The beige is a very pretty shade, and together with the satiny fabric it comes off as sexy and not grandma. I love well-done beige lingerie. It was really hard to capture the exact colour with my camera, which made it look a shade too yellowish. Another word on the fabric: the satin looks and feels very luxurious, while at the same time being sturdy. I see this lingerie set looking good after many washes and wears. The lingerie set has a luxurious look about it, and looks as if it costs way more than it does.
    I love the way the underwires are hidden, and that gives a smooth and minimalistic look.
Though normally I am a fan of thin and delicate straps, the ones that the Charlotte has complement the bold black lines on the cups.

Fit: 5/5

   The cups of the Charlotte run small -- I got a cup size bigger than usual. I just love the balconette style for two reasons -- the cups are cut lower and don't cover the top half of the breasts -- this means that there is less chance of the top edge not fitting (either cutting into the boob or standing away) -- perfect for both bottom-heavy as well as full-on-top breasts. The cups lift the breasts up, giving a pretty rounded look.
    Though the front of the bra would suggest differently, the cup is your standard 3-piece construction (does anyone know what its actually called?). I also want to add that the cups are only lightly padded.
      The underwires are medium width. There is a bit over a centimeter distance between the ends at the sternum -- this might be a problem for those with breasts really close together. I was pleasantly surprised that nothing poked me at the sternum -- even though often underwires that go up so high in the front do.
    The straps can be regulated all the way (good news for those that need to loosen / tighten them all the way). They are placed far apart, as is usual with balconette styles -- better suited for girls with broader shoulders than those with narrower / very sloping shoulders. (Of course you could change the position of the straps, if you can sew a bit.) I also like the fact that the straps don't peek out of broader necklines.
   The band runs snug -- I normally wear a 28, but I chose a 30 and it's snug. I'd suggest sizing up, unless your measurements are on the lower end of your usual band size (or you simply like your bands on the tighter side).
     There is plastic boning on each side which keeps everything smooth and taut. the last (black) part of the side panel is made from an elastic mesh, which feels very comfortable. The ample side coverage would be great for ladies that struggle with rolls in those areas.

Comfort: 5/5

   I have no complaints here whatsoever. There is no poking or pinching, and the bra has been very supportive. I know that the Parfait Charlotte may look like a bedroom set to some (especially its red version), but the fit and support is that of a bra meant to be worn everyday. And I definitely will wear this bra often!


   For me, this bra is perfection. There is absolutely nothing I would want to change! Ok, maybe I'd ask for consistent cup sizes. And more colours -- I would definitely stock up! For those of you who love the cut but not the design, I suggest looking at the Parfait Leslie balconet -- it looks like it has the same construction but in an animal print.

Parfait Affinitas Charlotte Balconet Stats:

Band unstretched: 62cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 75cm
Underwire length: 22cm
Underwire width: 13.5
   These measurements have been taken after appx. 3 wears :)
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The Parfait Affinitas Charlotte Hipsters:

    I always size up in briefs, and I did the same for the Charlotte set. I feel that the sizing here is standard and that the M was a good choice for me. I was debating for a long time between the hipsters and the high-waist retro panties but decided I'm more of a hipster girl.
     The briefs are very comfortable, don't dig or bunch anywhere. They are roomy enough on the backside, which means they don't give quad-butt cheeks. The fabric feels really nice.

   The set for this review has been kindly provided by Parfait Affinitas (they also sent me another gorgeous set which I can't wait to show to you). All the opinions are 100% mine, as usual.

     Do you own the Parfait Affinitas Charlotte? Do you love it as much as I do? Or maybe it's on your wishlist? Does anyone have other balconet bras from parfait Affinitas and are they equally amazing? I need to know! 

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