Reader Bra Metamorphosis 05: 40F to 38HH (AUS 18E to 18GG)

   Yay, finally another reader bra metamorphosis! I get so excited every time one of you writes me that you have broken out of the Bra Matrix. Seriously, every mail / message makes my week.
   Today I am excited to show you a great metamorphosis from reader JD who lives in Australia. Her measurements are 47/38", and had been measured variously as 18E to 20F. This is what it looked like:

"The 18E -- I was bulging everywhere"

"The 20E was always the worst. It would shift and I would fall out all day."

  And here is JD after breaking out of the Bra Matrix! Notice how the breasts are lifted and rounded and how much "lift" her entire figure got. I'd imagine the full-length view would be even more dramatic, but even from this angle you can see how the torso suddenly became beautifully curvy:

Wearing: Flirtelle Lucy Balconette bra
"I feel supported, and clothing looks better on."

Here is JD's story in her own words:

    "I was linked to by a friend. And I went through the FAQ, eventually finding The Bra Matrix. From there I measured, converted and discovered my bra size: a 16GG (38GG) with a bust measurement of 47 and an under bust of 38 inches.
     I've never been happier. I feel supported, I sit up straighter because I don't feel so much weight on my chest and clothing looks better on.
    I had been measured for a 18E, 18F and a 20E. Once someone suggested a 20F. And it would always be minimizers. Nothing else was ever shown to me. I found that odd.
     The 18E I was bulging everywhere but it felt better then the 20E. The 20E was always the worst. It would shift and I would fall out all day. It was always uncomfortable regardless of anything I did. But I had thought "This is what I was measured as." and that was the end of the story."

 Here is a side-by-side comparision:

     JD's before pictures are a great illustration to my post on minimizer bras: the minimizers that she has always been handed by well-meaning but completely clueless salespeople did nothing for her shape. A correctly sized regular bra is a hundred times more flattering -- not to mention comfortable!

     Thanks so much JD for sharing your metamorphosis with us, and I hope that it will be an inspiration to those of you who have not measured yourselves yet. And if you have already broken out of the Bra Matrix and would like to share your before-and-afters, I'd be delighted to have you! (here are the details).

PS I hope I got the AUS to UK bra size conversion right! I used an online calculator, but do let me know if it wasn't accurate.

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