Want to participate in breaking the Bra Matrix ?


    Dear ladies, it's been a long time since I have presented a Reader Bra Metamorphosis on Venusian*glow. If, like me, you are ecstatic about how comfortable your correct bra size feels and how great you look in it, you can help to inspire other women to finally measure themselves ! Here are the ones that I have published in the past, enjoy!

   I am looking for photos of your pics "before" and "after" getting a correctly fitting bra. These photos will motivate other women to measure themselves and get a better-fitting bra as well. There is nothing so powerful as seeing real women whose figure has been magically transformed with a new bra!

  (like in point 4 below), along with a few words about how it feels to change your size !

If you'd like to participate, this is what I need:

  1. Your before and after bra sizes, as well as your bust and underbust measurements.
  2. One photo of you wearing the old bra and another photo in the new bra  (with clothes on if you prefer) -- photos taken from the side. The photos must be from chin to waist (just "disembodied" breasts don't look very convincing). The clothes should be the same or similar in both photos, preferably something figure-hugging. Examples *here*.
  3. The same, but front view (optional). (Three-quarter-view would be great too, if you have the time.)
  4. If you are uncomfortable showing even a bit of yourself in a photo, you could take a photo just of your bras: the old bra and the new bra lying on the floor, (so that the readers may compare sizes). Example *here*
  5. Any comments of yours, stuff you'd like to share: regarding comfort, looks, buying process, trying to measure your sister by force... (optional)

     You can be anonymous, if you like. If you are a blogger I can introduce you and link to it :)

Please send your stuff to: eternalvoyageur(at)gmail(dot)com . I'm looking forward to getting your entries!

               A big thanks in advance to those who wish to participate !

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