DIY: Agar Agar Hair Rinse For Shine And Hold -- Great Alternative To Honey

  I present to you the DIY agar-agar hair rinse for shine and hold!

    I was looking for a vegetarian version of the gelatine hair laminating method, because although I lusted after the results, I didn't want bits of baby piglets on my hair. Agar-agar is often substituted for gelatine in cooking and is made of algae (which makes it vegan). I suspected that it wouldn't work exactly like gelatine on the hair, but I hoped to get at least a slightly similar result.

     I dissolved a spoonful of agar-agar powder in a cup of boiling water. It is really important to first dissolve the agar-agar in a teeny bit of cold water, and then add the boiling water -- otherwise you'll end up with clumps. I let this mixture cool slightly -- now this is a bit tricky, because if it cools completely it will turn into jelly (in which case you can use it as a styling gel). You have to use it when it's still warm, and has the consistency of a syrup.
     I used this syrup as a last rinse, I scrunched my hair in my palms as usual and air-dried. Result? I didn't get the DIY-Encanto look, but my hair was a bit smoother, and quite shiny. Most importantly, the agar-agar set my waves and they held their shape for three days (normally at the third day my waves are very limp, not with agar-agar). You can see the result of the photo on the top. I heard that the results are even better on fine hair (which mine isn't ).
    I'd say that the agar-agar rinse is similar to the honey rinse -- both work a bit like hairspray. The agar agar is not as moisturising as honey but is also less sticky (won't attract dust), doesn't frizz when it rains (honey does because it's a humectant) -- and it won't lighten the hair like honey can.
   I didn't notice the agar-agar loosening the curl pattern of my hair. Rather, as I already mentioned, it "held" the shape that I scrunched them into for a longer time.
      On the whole I recommend trying out agar-agar and seeing what it does for your hair. I'm very interested what results would look like on straight hair. You can get agar-agar from health food stores. Mine was a powder, but I hear it can be flakes too. I don't remember the price but it was pretty cheap, and a little pouch like in the photo can be used for many rinses.

      If you do try agar agar on your hair, let me know! Do you know of other DIY hair rinses for gloss and hold?

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