Reader Metamorphosis 06: 36D to 34E

    Today's metamorphosis shows how even a slight change in the band and cup size can work wonders. Her "old" bra didn't fit too badly -- in fact to the untrained eye it looks "perfectly fine". However if you look closer you can see the lack of lift and the escaping breast tissue.

  Going down a band size and up a cup size worked wonders: from 36D to 34E. Explanation for the uninitiated: instead of a 36 band she went for a 34, and if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that the cups of the 36D and 34DD have the same size (because of this), and she decided to go up a cup size and ended up with a 34E. She mentions that she might need a 32F soon.

*click for bigger images*

     In the next two images you can see that is the 36D bra part of the breast is clearly outside the bra. Things are much smoother in the 34E:

"The pictures on the left are a 36D Marks and Spencer bra, and the ones on the right are a 34E Freya Deco. In the old bra, my boobs are being squished against my chest, and I'm getting quadboob and awkward armpit fat. But I thought that since the bra covered most of my boobs and stopped them jiggling, that meant it fit. The new bra is clearly way better -- my boobs are being lifted and supported, and I'm getting cleavage without quadboob. Note: I'm actually wearing the Deco on the tightest hook right now, so I probably need to go up to a 32F in the near future."

    And here you can admire the effects under clothing. On the 36D picture you can see slight quad-boobs, and the "noses" of the breasts are pointing downward. On the right you can see how the breast line is smooth and everything is more lifted. The whole figure looks lighter. You also get to admire the effect of gathering to the front and lifting up that is typical for the Freya deco (which also featured in this metamorphosis).

     I am always looking for more before-and-afters! If you'd like your before-and-after photos to inspire other women to fit themselves correctly, I'd be delighted to have you!

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