Cosmetic Products I Loved, November 2012

     I didn't want Venusian*Glow to be yet another product junkie blog, because we all know that skin and hair care is more about the method than about finding the next perfect product. However I do regularly try out new products and it would be a pity not to write about them. The downside is that depending on where you live, my product reviews may be useful or not. So I decided to do monthly bulk reviews -- do let me know what you think about this in the comments!
   For this month, I have lined up a couple of skin-care products, a hair styling product and a natural self-tanner. Most of the stuff was bough in the Rossman or the DM, though I am sure the Weleda Skin food is available in many countries in health stores.

1. Isana curl styling mousse (Locken Schaumfestiger)

   So this is my cautious step into the world of styling products. I chose this product based on its great reviews. It doesn't dry out the hair even though it contains alcohol. The hold is not terribly strong, but it doesn't make the hair stiff or glue them together. The hair remains soft and bouncy, it doesn't look product-y. It's also very cheap and a little bit goes a long way. I apply it after I have scrunched the water out of my hair with a towel, and it makes the waves keep longer.

2. Weleda Skin Food (again)

   I know I have written a whole post about it already, but it has become a staple in both my handbag and my bathroom shelf, so I had to mention it again. I apply it wherever my skin is dry or irritated, on my cuticles, lips and under the eyes. Also the kids have decided that it cures all boo-boos -- every time someone gets hurt, they fetch the Weleda Skin food and apply it on the hurt part (obviously I am talking about bumps, not open wounds). I'm not surprised, since I found that the scent of the Weleda Skin Food has a very calming effect on me too! I have the full-sized version in my bathroom and the sample-sized tube in my handbag at all times.

3. Almond Cream with mandeleic acid (Krem z kwasem migdalowym)

   This is a DIY cream with mandeleic acid, which is the most gentle of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids. So apparently I am retarded because I couldn't get it to creamy consistency -- even though I tried twice. I really need to invest in one of those mini coffee mixers, because my hand mixing resulted in the cetyl alcohol looking like coconut flakes. Apart from that, I like how the cream works -- it is very moisturising and sinks in very fast. I use it as a night cream and it gives me a fresh look in the morning, but it is light enough to use as a day cream too.

4. Alverde shower gel with coconut flakes (Duschpeeling Kokosraspeln Lotusblüte):

     This scrubbing gel was a birthday gift from my lovely friend D. I haven't had a body gel or scrub since a long time, so this is a lovely little luxury. The scent is very delicate, and the lovely thing are the coconut particles -- they are soft and "rolly", so they don't scratch the skin when they exfoliate. Love it!

5. Alverde moisturising oil with patchouli and blackberries (Aroma Pflegeöl Patchouli Cassis)

      I got this oil because the blogosphere that has access to Alverde products has been raving about it -- especially about the scent! The product smells like blueberries with a slight fir-like note -- it's fruity without being sweet. The Alverde moisturising oil is that absorbs very quickly into the skin and doesn't leave a sticky film, and it does a good job of keeping my skin soft and supple. It also works great for Oil Cleansing the face as well as on the hair. Love it!

6. Freckle lightening formula (Eliksir wybielający przebarwienia i piegi)

   A DIY serum that lightens discolourations. I used it in hopes that it will get rid of the weird-coloured patches on my upper lip and cheekbones caused by the sun. I did notice that they got lighter, though not as much as I would like. However the overall colour of the face got even, and I was told that my complexion "brightened". A thumbs up from me.

7. Alterra Self-Tanner (Selbstbräunungslotion):

   I bought the Alterra self tanner in hope of finding a cheaper alternative to the Lavera Self-Tanner. I plan to use self-tanner all winter -- the golden glow they give my skin makes me think of summer. The Alverde product has a more milk-like consistency and so you don't have to hurry with applying it. The scent is exactly like lemon juice mixed with sugar. Interestingly, I didn't sense the "toasty" scent that I had on me the whole day when I used the Lavera self tanner. That scent is caused by the bronzing agent, of which the Alverde self-tanner clearly contains too few -- the bronzing was very light. I used Lavera on one leg and Alverde on the other (I used the products for a week, every other day), you can see the results on the photo:

   The Alterra self-tanner might be a good solution for someone who has a very pale skin and finds most self-tanners way too dark. However I won't be re-buying it since the effect is too light for me.

  So what do you think of this review format? Also, what have your cosmetic hit been this autumn? And can anyone direct me to a good source on how to style wavy hair without heat and silicones?

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