(Fixed link) ACNE: a comprehensive guide Ebook for you

   Remember the time when I asked you to for your questions about Acne for an E-book? Well, I just got word that it is out!

     The Ebook is written in a fun way, so that I actually read all of it in one go -- even though I don't have acne! I wasn't expecting a book on acne to be fun. I was thinking that if I had a teen sister or brother I'd send this to them to read -- unfortunately my siblings seem to have grown out of the spotty age. I was happy that eating well and de-stressing was stressed in the guide, since I am a firm believer that beauty products can only do that much if we ignore our health and happiness. Also, I giggled to see myself described as boob-obsessed -- that is definitely the truth about me!

    ACNE: a comprehensive guide to identifying, treating, and generally showing spots who the boss is E-book can be downloaded for free here. Do read it and let me know what you think!

   And while we are on the topic, do you have a great resource for acne -- a book, blog or forum that has helped you to deal with the problem? Do share in the comments.

Really sorry about the link being down: I got informed that they are having some technical issues. I will let you know as soon as it is working again!

Updated update:
Everything is working again!

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