Long vs Short Makeup Brush Handles

my brushes collection -- all from Lumiere

    One factor when it comes to choosing make-up foundation brushes is  the length of the handle.
    When I was looking for my first mineral makeup brush, I noticed that many brushes come in short and long handles, and for a long time I couldn't figure out the practical difference between the two.

    Experience taught me that long handles give more control (think painting brushes). The longer handles can be held in many different ways and allow you to make finer and more precise movements. But I prefer the short handles for another reason: I'm short-sighted and I do often my make-up without my glasses / contacts. That means my face is pretty close to my mirror and a short-handle brush is the only thing that fits in between. This is especially true for foundation brushes, because they are hard to always hold in an angle where they won't hit the mirror.

     Do you have a preference when it comes to handle length?

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