Weekend Reads 03-02-2013

    Sorry about the radio silence this week, I have been battling the 'flu (I like how "battling" sounds but "struggling feebly" is probably much more accurate). I'm getting better, I'll be posting regularly now. Obviously I didn't carry out last week's challenge (I have been sleeping all of the time, and waking up in the evening to browse Reddit and watch Downton Abbey before going back to sleep).
      And now, have some great links:

* Style: This lady wears a men's shirt in 50 different ways and looks amazing. Of course she's french.

* More style: Winter Hats and Avoiding Hat-head

* Even more style: if you need inspiration for winter style, I bring you street style from Helsinki!

* Beauty: A very very interesting post about modified dermaplaning, aka shaving your face. I'm actually thinking to try this -- and I'm thinking you really need to be dilligent with the sunscreen if you are doing this.

* Blogging: Ethical image sourcing for bloggers. Finally some easy and doable advice on the topic!

* Fashion: What fashion week really looks like.

* Movie of the week: Agora makes the list of my favourite movies. It is about Hepatia, the beautiful philosopher and mathematician of Alexandria who tried to penetrate the mysteries of the universe while the the Roman Empire fell to pieces. I love everything about this movie and think that it's really underrated. Also, I think Synesius is hot and feel a bit sorry for him. Anyway, do watch it if you like intelligent movies about awesome women! PS Hepatia really existed.

When I want to explain how awesome hoopdancing is, I show people this:

Check these out: