Review: Panache Porcelain Molded Seamless Underwire in 28DD

Panache Porcelain 28DD bra review

   I got the Panache Porcelain for a friend who had a hard time finding a bra that fits due to to pectus excavatum. I didn't own a proper seamless T-shirt bra yet (I usually used the Ewa Michalak Toffik when I really had to), so it was a very welcome addition to my lingerie drawer. Every woman should own a T-shirt bra to wear under, well, T-shirts. And other tight, clingy stuff.

   My breast type: 

currently my measurements are .... My breasts are bottom-heavy and rather separate; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires). I try to also add information for other breast types in my review.

Aesthetics: 3/5

   This is a simple white T-shirt bra, so it's meant to be functional rather than pretty. So I guess I shouldn't be judging it for its looks. That said, I wouldn't have minded a tiny decorative detail -- a small bow in the center or a lovely lace scallop at the bottom like the Affinitas Jeanie. The Porcelain is as simple, practicall and unfussy as your basic T-shirt. Especially the straps are very casual-looking.
   If I was buying this bra myself, I'd go for nude or black as they are much more practical (nude bras look better under white clothes than white bras).
   The cups are medium-coverage. They do nothing for my cleavage, but do quite a good job at bringing the girls more to the center.

Panache Porcelain 28DD bra review

Panache Porcelain 28DD bra review

Fit: 5/5

   This bra fits me perfectly. The top edges of the cups sit flush with the skin, -- no gaping and no cutting in (which is surprising, since this is usually a problem spot for me).  Women with breasts fuller at the top will find that the Panache Porcelain cuts into the breasts on the top, and might want to try a bigger cup size.
   The foam in the cups is thin and quite soft, which makes me happy -- I firmly believe that softer cups are way better for the breast tissue. Anyway, "molded" is a bit of an overstatement here.
   Interestingly the band is a three-piece, but is quite stable, because the piece connecting the two cups in the center is high (it's not just a piece of tape). However, I can see that girls with boobs closer apart might need to take it in.
    The underwires are quite typical Panache wide. They are quite short in the front which is good, since there are rather far apart in that place -- any longer and they would poke the sternum. They are medium-sized under the armpits -- might be a bit too long for petites / high-set breasts; and too short for getting rid of armpit fat. For everyone else, they are at a lovely, comfortable height.
    The straps are rather wide-set, which is fine for me but might be a bit of an isseu for ladies with narrow shoulders. The straps are two-piece, which means you cannot shorten them very much.
     It's hard for me to write about the band, since the original wearer has already stretched it out. Right now it's quite comfortable, I wouldn't go a size up or down. I feel that it is not very elastic, which probably means it will stay this snug as it ages.

Panache Porcelain 28DD bra review

Panache Porcelain 28DD bra review
The view from the inside

Comfort: 5/5

   This is one of the most comfortable bras I have, no complaints at all. I do have to add that I got it second hand so it has already been broken in. Nothing pokes or itches.
   The inside of the cups are lined with comfortable cotton. The straps are thick (not to be confused with wide) and soft. Comfort all the way!

Summary: 5/5

  If you like the fit of Panache and need a T-shirt bra, the Porcelain is absolutely worth trying on. Works better with bottom-heavy boobs that are not terribly close-set. If your boobs are fuller on the top, you could try sizing up but might not fill out the bottom of the cup.

Panache Porcelain Molded Plunge 28DD Stats:

Band unstretched: 58cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 85cm (remember this is a second-hand bra!)
Underwire length: 20cm
Underwire width: 13,5cm

Panache Porcelain 28DD bra review

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