Weekly Challenge + Weekend Reads 12-01-2012

Introducing my weekly challenges (with summary of the "get dressed" challenge) + lovely links for you to persue!

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have been looking through all high-street clothing stores for the end-of-season-sales -- and all the time I was thinking that I had forgotten music could be so bad! Funnily I didn't buy anything at all, till I stumbled on a carnival flea market where I picked up two lovely brown dresses. Yeah, in Germany the next big thing after the New Year's is Fasching, aka the carnival or the merrymaking before the Easter austerities. It's nothing interesting compared to, say, Brazil -- but who can pass up an opportunity to dress up and have fun?

Weekly Challenge

    I am not doing typical new year's resolutions this year, because I am really rubbish at sticking to anything for a long time. I can never decide which resolution to pick so I do several, and that obviously makes it worse.
    This year I decided to do weekly challenges instead. Each week, I will pick something that I want to try for seven days. The challenges will vary be about developing good habits, the fun, the experimental and everything else. I hope they shake up my live a bit and give me an insight of what works best for me. You are welcome to join me in the challenge if you find it interesting!
   Last week's challenge was getting dressed each morning. Like, really dressed, in an outfit. Normally I wake up bleary-eyed and pull on jeans +  long-sleeved top thinking oh, I'm only going to drop off the kids, I can get properly dressed later, ignoring the fact that is not a 5-minute trip down the corner -- it takes an hour, is often followed up by grocery shopping and all to often turns into spontaneous activities with moms I'm friends with. I often forget to get "properly dressed" later on, and when it's time to go out again I often find myself in the same jeans and top, often wrinkled and not at their cleanest.
    The thing is, I like being dressed a bit better, and after working my way through the Already Pretty book I was struck by how much amazing stuff I have in my closet which I never wear. And because in the mornings I have neither the time, the will or the proper lighting to put together a nice outfit, I started doing that in the afternoons. Following the book I put together an outfit around an underused item and wore it for the rest of the day, then put it away in a way that I could put it on in my semi-conscious morning state. Oh, and I started noting the outfit down and photographing it. When I first read about having an outfit list, I was "ain't nobody got time fo' that", but now that I am doing it I realise that it's actually a huge time saver -- putting together outfits takes time, and this time is wasted if you forget the outfits right after you wear them.
     Bottom line? I'm going to make this into a habit. 
     Next week's challenge: doing the Tupler technique each day. I have an abdominal separation of around two fingers after my pregnancies, and it's time to do something about it.

Weekend Reads:

   Enjoy these lovely link!

* Style: Apparently these colours look good on almost everyone.

* Home: Little Green Notebook is one of my current favourite home design blogs.

* Create: liveluvcreate lets you slap text on an image in seconds. Fun and easy!

* Blogging: The Blog Critiques from Momcomm have been invaluable to me, and I think that anyone with a blog should go through some of them.

* Tech: The Empty Gmail inbox hack

* Beauty: Tightlining your eyes tutorial. Also known as invisible eyeliner.

* Bored: Press the bored button. Fun!

* Movie of the week: District 9. It's a very different kind of science-fiction film: what if aliens landed on the earth and became just another social problem? I've seen this film twice, and love the fact that If you have already seen the movies, their website is really cool and I spent just way too much time on it.

How to greet people. I just died laughing:

Check these out: