Bra Resources And Communities

Bra Resources And Communities

   While I am extremely proud my articles on bra fitting, I know that my small blog cannot by far satisfy all your needs. So I am putting together a great list of communities and resources.

There are many amazing bra bloggers out there. Here is a list of some of them. It's really helpful to read a blog of a girl who has the same size or body type as you (or close).

Busty Resources is a Wiki with some great info; I especially love their list of offline retailers worldwide.

Bratabase is where you'll find bra reviews. You should totally go there before buying your bras online! And I strongly encourage you to add your bras on there to help other women. Then there is the Fitting Help section where you can post photos and get advice and feedback on your fitting problem. Bratabase also has a Listings section where members can buy or sell bras -- perfect for scoring cheap bras or getting rid of ones that don't fit.

ABraThatFits is a pretty new and active forum where you can discuss everything bra related -- ask questions, offer advice or even rant about your bra problems. Braswap is the related forum where you can buy or sell bras.

   Do you know of any other communities or resources that we should all get to know? Do share in the comments!

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