Reader Bra Metamorphosis 07: 32D to 28FF

    The Bra Metamorphosis is a series of posts that show photos of women before and after finding out their correct bra size. If you'd like to share your before and afters and inspire women to re-measure themselves, do contact me!

    Today we have a bra before and after with tons of before pictures from Ejay from Dimpsey Bra Fit. Her measurements are 26.5" underbust and 34.5" overbust, and she had been fitted by a professional fitter as a 32D. She never found it comfortable: the bras gave her shoulder pain and squished boobs, but then everyone around her "was wearing 32C/D, so it had to be right!"
   Ejay has since then found out her size is around 28FF. Actually she needs a 26 band but wears 28 because that's the smallest band most brands produce. Here are her before and after pictures, enjoy!

The importance of scooping when putting on a bra:

   If you don't scoop the breast tissue into the bra, you might never notice that the cups don't fit right. In the photo below, Ejay just threw on the bra. To the untrained eye it looks ok, though the situation under the armpit should be a clue that things aren't perfect:

     Here she has scooped all the tissue from her armpits into the cupHere is an explanation about how to do this and why. Now you can clearly seen that the cups are way too small! The back fat (migrated breast tissue) is gone, and quadraboob appears:

      Here is another of her old bras, a 32D worn on the tightest hook and with the straps tightened all the way:

     The censorship heart is also hiding quadruple boobs (which she always thought were cleavage) and a band that is riding up like crazy. The red line shows where the band should be. As for the green line: "The green line is to show the curve of my rib cage, you can see it is quite distinct and naturally dips in from the hip/waist area whilst broadening towards the top of the back. The underband must be very loose in order to ride up past the broadest section! The weight of the breasts are pulling the bra forward/down whilst making the band rise even further, offering no support."

     Finally, here is a 30D bra (one bands size and one cup size smaller than the 32D):

    The heart hides the nipple that is escaping, as well a lot of quadraboob. The red line shows the underwire, which is sitting on top of the breast and pressing into it. The green line shows where the underwire should be. The arrow points to all the breast tissue that is outside the cup!


Here is Ejay in my two favourite bras:

The Affinitas Charlotte in 30FF:

Affinitas Charlotte bra 30FF

And the Ewa Michalak Onyx in 28FF

Ewa Michalak Onyx bra 28FF

   Isn´t this a lovely transformation? You can see how the cups of the last two bras contain all of the breast inside them. The nipples stay hidden, the breasts are not trying to escape and the center gore is lying flat on the sternum. Also you can see in the Onyx that the band is horizontal to the floor (Ejay mentions that technically the Onyx is a 26 band, it's so snug). Her breasts look uplifted and the bras are giving her a great shape!

    If you're curious about Ejay's bradventures and would like to check out her bra reviews, do visit her blog!

    I'm on the lookout for women who'd like to share their bra before and afters! If you're interested drop me a line or let me know in the comments.

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