Awesome Polish Bra Brands You Should Know

Avocado Nina

    Ewa Michalak is not the only bra brand from Poland worth noticing. There are many reasons why you should get acquainted with these brands: designs that are different from those of many UK brands, very affordable prices thanks to the exchange rate of the zloty, and simply a bigger choice in those hard-to-get sizes.
Here I present to you several brands that produce pretty and comfortable lingerie, and most importantly -- in a big range of sizes.
   Please note that the bra sizes are continental EuropeanTo find out your EU size, you can use the  UKandEU converter from HerRoom as well as this chart. Don't use your Ewa Michalak size, since they use UK cup sizes.
   Also, although I have tried to find a couple of places international customers can buy bras from these brands, obviously I have not exhausted the possibilities. Please do your own searches for online and offline stores for these brands (simply type "name_of_barand + buy" into Google, in your language). If you live in central or east Europe, chances are pretty high that the brand is easily available in your country.

Priscilla and Fabricia

Kris Line

   Their sizing goes up to a KK O cup, bands start at 65. Interestingly, their bands have 5 sets of hooks on them, which makes them last way longer. The styles range from elegant to opulent, the bands run tight, and the cups are slightly small and a tad pointy. They also have a nice selection of seriously good-looking lounge wear, swimwear and maternity bras. Also, on their website you can see the bras modeled by smaller as well as fuller-busted models. Here is an interesting article about Kris Line via Hourglassy, and a comparison of Kris Line and Ewa Michalak via The Lingerie Addict.
   For international customers: You can find their bras on Brastop as well as BiggerBras; and at LabellaIntimates for you U.S. ladies.

Orlando and Annick In Love


   All their bras are base on one of their seven different bra constructions that are marked by letters of the alphabet, making choosing a style less of a guesswork. The designs are very sophisticated an original, in my opinion the most beautiful on the Polish market. My favourite is the Nina. Bands start from 60, cups go up to K. The prices are a bit higher than your average Polish / British bra, but the designs and quality are worth it.
   International customers: They mention that shipping within the EU is 35PLN and 50PLN worldwide. Try dropping them an email if you'd like to order!

Jacqueline and Tropical Paradise


  Sizes start at 60C, and cups go up till N. The underwires tend to be narrow, and the cups run a tad small.
   International customers: the site is in polish, but they do have an English language terms and conditions page where they mention the shipping costs of 56 PLN (economy package) or 70 PLN (priority package) within the EU. So I'm guessing you can pop them an email in English in case you'd like to place an order, like Linda did.

Cafe Latte and Verona 


    Lots of interesting (opulent and dressy) designs, with sizes starting at 60AA, and cups going up to R. Bands go up to 100. The bands are very snug,
Prices start at 15€ which is dirt cheap,
    For international customers: the site has an English language button, and international shipping is offered (the shipping costs are available on request). They accept Paypal.

Latte Plunge and Tiramisu shorts.

Only Her

The online lingerie shop of the same name has recently started producing their own bras. The the designs are very pretty (remind me a bit of Fauve) and the brand focuses overall comfort  -- especially comfortable underwires. Bands start at 60, cups go up to KK. They carry sizes like 60B and 65A, which normally hard to find. Update: Apparently you can try to order sizes that are not on the page by contacting owner - Agnieszka via mail. How awesome is that?
    For international customers: the German-language site offers shipping to DE and AT.

Emma and Michelle


    Sizes start from band 60 till band 95, cups go up to M. The bands vary from snug to normal, and the cups and the cups also vary from smallish to largish depending on the model. are pretty good (comfortable, supportive, give a nice shape).
     For international customers: Available at BustnLace.

 Gina and gorset koktajlowy


   This brand produces everyday bras of a good quality. The cups go up to M, bands start at 65. Unfortunately their corsets, bodies; as well as their solutions for very low-cut dresses: the cocktail bra and corset come in a much smaller size range (why?). Underwires are broad, but narrower than those of Panache.
     For international customers: Available in this ebay store, Intimania as well as Amazon is some countries.

Ava 983 and Ava 986


   The bands start at 65, (thanks to bractivist emails sent by Polish women), cups go up to K and tend to run a bit large. Colours and patterns are on the subtle and subdued side. The underwires tend to be wide. The semi-soft models seem to be especially worth recommending (the underwires are narrow) due to their great construction. Just watch out, they seem to mix up the names of the cups. They call plunges full-cups and half-cups are called soft or semi-soft, but even this is not done consistently. The sizing is also not very consistent.
     For international customers: They have a couple of brick-and-mortar stores in several European cities, online via  Intimania 

Also worth checking out:

Konrad: Available at BustnLace as well as Amazon and this Ebay store.

Ewa Bien: Lots of light, airy creations in pretty colours. Bands start at 60 (however only at G cup), and end in J cup (75J). There isn't any info for international customers.

Samanta: Bands start at 65 and go up to K in some models. Again very aesthetically pleasing. There are available in several brick-and-mortar stores around Europe as well as

Check these out: