Weekend Reads 17-02-1013

      Hi everyone, how has your week been? The winter blues have hit me hard, so I opened my Winter Survival Kit and was pleasantly surprised with all the little goodies in it. I know, I'm like a squirrel who buries its nuts and then forgets about them. I also tried to follow my own advice, as well as make plans to join some kid of fitness activity (the gym? yoga? aikido? zumba?).
       My weekend challenge to meditate everyday went embarrassingly bad. I didn't meditate even once, I just completely and utterly forgot to, and only remembered when falling asleep each night. Apparently I have an inner block about it. I guess next time I should pre-decide exactly when and where I am going to do stuff like that. 
        Which brings me to next week's challenge: living according to a timetable. I have hated scheduling and timetables with vengeance, but as I grow older I realise that pre-deciding stuff makes me much more likely to actually do it. So, I will pre- plan each day this week. I hope that I will be more productive, and keep better track of time (which I am lousy at) and be happier (because of a more balance day). I have a list of all the appointments, as well as all the tasks that need to be done this week. I have already divided them up among the days, but I will make a detailed timetable only one day before. 
        I want to structure the days according to information that I have recently read about rhythm in the day: our "high energy" points are at 10:00 and at 17:00, and there is a major dip around 14:00. It is also important that the day have a rhythm of "inhaling": effort (performance) and "exhaling": release (unstructured free time, re-energising, relaxation) -- that way the day "breathes" and is balanced and you don't burn yourself out.
    Wish me luck! And now, on to the lovely links I have gathered:

* Style: This post about pant length is amazeballs.

* You: it’s better to feel normal about being abnormal: talks about how "normality" is nothing more than an empty, utopian concept.

* Home: As a bibliophile, I loved this little video about book plates, and have half a mind to make some for myself.

* Music: if you want to discover good, non-mainstream music, try http://reddit.tv/#/r/listentothis. The best part is that all kids of genres are represented, and you can let it run while you do other stuff. I have discovered tons of great music through it.

* Bras: This might make a lovely little gift to someone still wearing the wrong size.

* More bras: Pregnant, or know someone who is? Here is a great list of nursing and maternity bra bloggers and posts

* DIY: If you live in Germany, UK, Netherlands, France or Belgium, there may be a Repair Cafe near you.

* Home: Sew Many Ways is my latest blog crush. I especially love her DIY and recycled organising projects!

* Food: I loved Simple steps you can take to reduce food waste

* Movie of the week: Lars And The Real Girl is the best movie I have seen so far this year. The acting is superb and the movie is understated, funny, and yet heart-touching in the end.

Crystalised from the XX is one of my favourite songs:

Check these out: